Pete Davidson Skewers Staten Island ‘Babies’ Who Protest COVID-19 Rules

Pete Davidson, star of “The King of Staten Island” film, let loose on residents of his home  borough on “Saturday Night Live” after a protest against COVID-19 regulations there.

The protest erupted went the city ordered that people could drink and eat outside of bars but not inside as COVID-19 cases in the area surged. Owners claimed that would put them out of business.

But Davidson quipped: “The argument that people in Staten Island don’t want to drink outside can be disproven by going to literally any Little League game.”

He pointed out that one protester incredibly groused that not being able to drink inside was like being Jewish during the Holocaust. That was “awkward,” Davidson noted, “for the people there who had to suddenly pretend they believed in the Holocaust.”

He said the complaints made Staten Islanders like himself “look like babies,” adding: “You know it’s bad when people in Boston are like, ‘Ahh, drink at home, you queers!’

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