Peyton Manning Talks Playing Fantasy Football with 8-Year-Old Son: It's 'Big in My Life'

Peyton Manning retired in March 2016, but football is still very much on his mind.

The former Denver Broncos quarterback, who has partnered with Tide and the NFL, tells PEOPLE that his love of football includes his 8-year-old son Marshall now more than ever.

“When you’re playing in football season, it’s one thing, but now that you’re not, it means fantasy football. For the second year, that is what is going on big in my life,” Manning, 43, says.

The father of two also reveals that he “never really liked fantasy football” during his heyday.

“When I was playing, guys come up to you saying, ‘Hey what happened last night.’ I’m like, ‘We won 10-7, it was a good win.’ But he says, ‘You didn’t throw me a touchdown.’ I go, ‘You know your goals and mine are a little different,’ ” he recalls.

“But now that I’m on the other side of it, I want [Marshall] to be looking for that,” Manning adds.

The retired football star is now partnered with Tide, the NFL, and NBC to stir up a national debate about the best night to do laundry with the help of Saturday Night Live and Bring the Funny‘s Kenan Thompson and Nick Offerman.

“I forgot how tall Peyton really was,” Thompson tells PEOPLE about what surprised him the most when meeting Manning.

“He’s a statuesque being of a man, that’s impressive,” he jokes, adding, “[Peyton]’s the sweetest guy in the world.”

The comedic actor also inquires if Manning would ever want to lead a team as a coach. “No, never, I’d be a horrible coach,” Manning tells Thompson.

The #LaundryNight debate not only includes Manning and Thompson, but also The Voice‘s Gwen Stefani and the cast of Superstore, who took part in commercials.

As for when Manning most enjoys doing the laundry, it’s not during Sunday night football.

“Tuesday, it’s the general off day in the NFL for players so it’s kind of the idea that nothing really happens on a Tuesday,” he says. “Off being the keyword, just ‘off’ whether your TV is off, if something is on. No football day was always my day to try to get something done.”

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