Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are Following The Late Princess Diana's Footsteps — And Not In a Good Way

Although she has been gone for 22 years now, no one has forgotten Princess Diana. She left an amazing legacy behind after her untimely and tragic death, and everyone will be forever grateful for the millions of lives that she touched around the world.

Princess Diana was quite arguably one of the most popular members ever in the royal family. Behind closed doors; however, her life was anything but easy. The Princess of Wales struggled with many issues, and even though she handled it better than anyone ever could have expected, it still affected her life.

In the past few years, it is pretty safe to say that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry‘s popularity has increased tremendously. After they announced they were in a serious relationship, it was as if fans just couldn’t get enough. Almost overnight, Markle became one of the most famous women in the entire world. And, as always, royal fans just adore Prince Harry for everything that he does.

Throughout their relationship, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have quietly honored Princess Diana in many different ways. However, it can be said that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are following in the late princess’ footsteps — and not in a good way.

Princess Diana was one of the most sought-after women in the world

After marrying into the royal family, it is pretty safe to say that Princess Diana‘s life changed dramatically. She couldn’t so much as step outside without dozens of flashbulbs going off, and everywhere she went, she was chased by swarms of photographers and fans.

According to Zoomer, Princess Diana’s fame and popularity were through the roof for a number of years. Fans were diligently copying her fashion choices, her hairstyles, and lining up by the thousands whenever she made an appearance.

Meghan Marke and Prince Harry are living a similar life to Princess Diana

Although Markle and Princess Diana never had the chance to meet, the duchess and Prince Harry are living a life that isn’t quite different from Princess Diana. It was during the Sussexes engagement interview that Prince Harry said that his mother and Markle would have been “thick as thieves.”

10Daily reports that there are many striking similarities between the Sussexes and the late princess, including their devotion to charity and humanitarian work, their compassion toward others, and efforts to bring positive things to the world. Duchess Meghan and Princess Diana’s lives are even similar in the sense that they didn’t exactly have an easy start when they married into the royal family. They both went from having privacy and living their lives in a quiet way, to having everything that they say and do become headline news and the main focus of the news media.

How are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle following in Princess Diana’s footsteps?

So, how are the Duke and Duchess of Sussex following in Diana’s footsteps, yet not in a good way? NBC News reports that the answer is actually quite simple: It is because of the excessive media attention that they are receiving on a regular basis.

According to Think, the couple is facing the same danger that Princess Diana did, and as we know, all of the attention ultimately cost Princess Diana her life. Lately, it seems that Markle and Prince Harry’s life is an open book, with the news media reporting on and commenting about every decision that they make.

In the early stages of the couple’s relationship, the media frenzy got so bad that Prince Harry was forced to issue a public statement asking them to back off since he was concerned for Markle’s safety. Over the last few years, the Sussexes have voiced their desire for privacy and quiet life. Just like Princess Diana, they hope to raise their son with some degree of normalcy, giving him life away from the cameras and out of the public eye, and they want privacy for themselves as well.

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