Prince Williams star sign means monarchy will have to change – a kinder institution

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Prince William, who is turning 40 tomorrow, is a Cancer. Quite a few members of the Royal Family are also Cancers, including Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and the late Princess Diana. What are the typical traits of a Cancerian?

Inbaal Honigman, a professional astrologist and psychic spoke exclusively to to explain.

She said: “Prince William is a Cancerian, which is a family-oriented, compassionate sign, always ready to listen and lend a hand.

“Cancerian is a water sign, like Pisces and Scorpio.

“Water is the element of emotion, and those born under the sign of the Crab feel most at-home around charitable causes, as they like to use whatever resources they have, to offer help to the needy.”

Will these traits help Prince William become a better King?

Inbaal suggested: “This sign would suit someone who’s in a career of public service, humanitarian aid or working in charities.

“It’s a wonderful sign for the future King, as he would be sympathetic to his subjects, and would acknowledge everyone’s unique circumstances.

“A partner who keeps him grounded (like Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge who is a Capricorn, a no-nonsense Earth sign), is essential if he is to excel at the ceremonial part of the job, too.”

Will Prince William’s sun, moon and ascendant signs also help the Duke be a better King?

Inbaal explained: “Prince William isn’t just any Cancerian – he’s double Cancer!

“This means that his Sun and Moon are both in Cancer in his Zodiac chart.

“So all those compassionate, humanitarian urges – he’s got them twice over!

“Furthermore, his ascendant, which is where the horizon was at the time of his birth, is in expansive, fun-loving Sagittarius.”

What exactly do these zodiac signs mean?

Inbaal opined: “The Sagittarian passion for travel, combined with the double-Cancer empathic streak, means that as King, William will feel pulled to solve situations both at home and abroad.

“He’ll feel drawn to the diplomatic part of the Monarch’s role, but perhaps a little dispassionate about the boring parts, like opening parliament and certifying bills into laws.

“When William becomes King, he won’t change his personality. He can’t! He is who he is.

“He will be a kind and compassionate monarch, who goes to great lengths to ensure that the people are well served.

“He will work hard to take care of the people of this country, and also the greater commonwealth.

“If he can’t change, the monarchy will have to change, and will become a kinder institution under his rule, dedicated to the wellbeing of the people,” the expert claimed.

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