Private girls’ school forced to redesign penis-shaped garden

A private girls’ school had to redesign a garden on its campus after inadvertently building one that was unmistakenly shaped like a penis.

The phallic-shaped flower bed was altered by architects within 72 hours of the gaffe reaching the ears of the Presbyterian Ladies’ College’s headmaster.

The institution had previously hired the same architects to design a garden bed on the campus as part of a project to revamp its outdoor area.

Staff members and students with close ties to the school were quick to spot the blunder, saying the garden was “unmistakably shaped like a penis and testicles”.

A member of staff who was among the first to spot the indiscretion, said: “The garden is part of a range of architect-drive updates to parts of the school.

“After they designed the garden the architects requested the inclusion of some chairs. As part of recording the updates, we sent a drone up to take pictures.

He went on: “At a certain angle from high, the garden with its room for chairs took on a phallic shape which was unintended and unexpected.

“As a result, the architects made some alterations which were completed within 72 hours of the drone pictures.”

The headmaster of the Presbyterian school, which costs parents AUS$39,000-a-year, said he had been completely unaware of the shape of the garden during its design phase.

He was alerted to the blunder after a student pointed out what the garden bed looked like from a bird’s eye view based on aerial footage.

According to former student with ongoing links with the school, the shape of the garden was pretty obvious by standing next to it on the ground.

“It was unmistakably shaped like a penis and testicles,” said the student, who wishes to remain unnamed. “The immediate response was laughter: ‘You’ve got to be kidding me’.”

“Photos have been circulating among the school as memes, saying ‘oh good morning’ and various kinds of jokes”.

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