Professional cleaner reveals her secret to getting your shower screen sparkling

Cleaning the bathroom can take a bit of work and we’re all for anything that makes it easier.

One professional cleaner has revealed what she uses on one of the toughest areas – the shower screen.

The glass screen quickly gets grubby with bits of shampoo and water marks and the angle means its not the easiest thing to scrub.

But one woman, who posts as @thebigcleanco, on TikTok revealed her trick is to get yourself something usually used in the kitchen.

She has a Dishomatic – a sponge with a handle you can fill with washing up liquid so it is dispensed as you go.

She says that the washing up liquid is key for the shine and the little device makes it much easier to apply.

In her video, she said: ‘Make cleaning the shower convenient by keeping one of these little babies in there.

‘Just remember to use it every now and again.

‘Unless you’ve got someone else to clean the house, there’s no hacks, no tricks, no pro tips that are going to do the work for you.’

She also added: ‘Making cleaning convenient means you’ll do it more often (and that way – it becomes easier).’

Others said they follow the same method and it works well for them, while some commented they couldn’t wait to try it out.

‘I’ve done this for a long time now and from day one it is life changing,’ one said.

‘Such a simple but amazing idea. I’m doing this,’ another added.

You can pick up the sponges online or in supermarkets but it’s important to use a non-scratch one for this so you don’t damage the glass.

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