Rare 50p coin from 2012 Olympics sells for £360 on eBay as it comes with error

A rare coin has sold for an eye-watering cost on eBay.

The rare 50p coin flogged for £360 after a total of 47 bids were made from eight users.

It features one of the 29 designs to commemorate the 2012 Olympic Games.

The coin was released in 2011 that has the image of a swimmer on one side.

While the 50p is considered rare due to its design, the copy comes with a minting error which is why it's selling for loads on eBay.

The official copy of the coin released for the games has less lines on the design where the swimmer's face is shown off more.

But in the error coin, it shows where these lines were kept in initially.

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The coin is quite rare considering there are only 600 in this style still in circulation.

As for the £360 coin, the bidding began six days ago at just 99p.

Coin collectors raised the price by almost 360 times the initial bid before the final sale was called on eBay.

It comes after a rare Brexit 50p coin fetched for £21,000 on eBay with 10million in circulation.

The Royal Mint released the rare Brexit 50p coins to mark January 31, 2020.

On one side there's the Queen's head, while the other has an engraving that says "Peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations".

Just one of these rare coins sold for an eye-watering £21,000 on eBay, that's 42,000 times more than its face value.

And an ultra-rare gold coin worth £200,000 was found by treasure hunter with a metal detector.

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