Rarest and most valuable Christmas coins worth up to £150 including the snowman 50p

IF you found a penny in your stocking this morning you might be a little disappointed by 2021's gift standards.

But to the avid coin collector, that might be your golden ticket to making a quick buck – especially if it's rare.

Rare coins will often be auctioned off on eBay for far higher prices than their regular counterparts.

Sometimes 50ps, 10ps and more will sell for hundreds of pounds, if the right buyer is after it.

So if you're instead looking at all that ripped up wrapping paper in disdain, thinking how am I ever going to be in the money again after all this, fear not, as the change in you pocket could also earn you back a few bob.

We've found a collection of Christmassy ones that perfectly suit the yuletide period too.

Some are retro Xmas classics and some simply have a festive feel.

But whether they're old or new, or you've never seen one quite like it before, you should always be wary of fakes that may be doing the rounds too.



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You can always head to experts to get your change validated, that way you'll know if it's the real deal – and checking other eBay listings can often give you an idea of the value as well.

You may be able to hike up the price if that's the case and you're selling.

But the value of any rare coin can vary from one day to the next.

One collector may be willing to pay hundreds if it's rare, has a history, or a lovely nostalgic value, but the Bank of England may only accept it at face value.

Regardless, we've spotted some top sellers on eBay that HAVE gone above and beyond face value.

They'll keep you in the festive spirit too – here's what they went for, and why they are rare.

The Snowman 50p – worth £19.95

Everybody's favourite Christmas movie is immortalized forever in a series of 50p coins that feature scenes from the iconic family film and its characters.

There are actually four different variations of The Snowman 50p.

A commemorative The Snowman 50p coin was first released in November 2018 to celebrate 40 years since Raymond Briggs' Christmas novel was published.

The coin featured The Snowman flying through the sky above Brighton Pier alongside human pal James.

In November 2019, the second coin was released showing The Snowman on a snow-carpeted lawn with James in front of him and the forest in the background.

On its third reincarnation, the coin instead features The Snowman hugging James.

A brand new coin was released this year too of course, and it features a scene giht out the original storybook of James creating the snowman.

This latest one has sold for around £20 on eBay as collectors are keen to get their hands on it already, despite it only being released two months ago.

R for Robin 10p – worth £14.50

It's not necessarily a Christmas coin itself as the R 10p was released in the highly sought after 10p alphabet collection, but the R for Robin 10p looks like a snowy scene from a Christmas card so it makes it onto the list.

R for Robin features a wintery, snowflake background with a robin sitting inside the letter R.

26 different 10p coins were released with designs on each that connote an image to do with the letter it represents.

There are more of these "R" 10ps in circulation compared to Y for Yeoman Warder and Z for Zebra Crossing for example, but with 284,000 in existence in total, it's still a very rare coin.

Change Checker's latest scarcity index places it top of the charts, so with a score of 100 it's the rarest 10p overall, despite being festive.

We spotted one that fetched an impressive £14.50 on eBay after attracting three bids so we know collectors are keen for it too.

Gibraltar's Santa 50p – worth £151.25

Father Christmas is an iconic motif of Christmas, so any festive fan who's also mad about coins is going to be seeking out a copy with the man in the big red coat himself featured.

One rare version that fits that exact bill, is a 50p coin that sold for just over £150 on eBay.

There's a slight catch though, as for UK coin fanatics its value is only because it's decorative – and you can't actually spend it because it's not legal tender of here.

The coin was actually minted in Gibraltar, though the country's 50ps are identical in size, shape and weight to UK denominations.

Change experts say that means they can often find their way into tills and vending machines here in the UK undetected, so it wouldn't be too out of the ordinary for one to wind up in your change.

This time of year the coin is particularly exciting to find too as it's nice and festive featuring an image of Santa and a chimney with the word "Christmas" on the design.

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