Real-life witch compared to Barbie after ditching black cloaks for Boohoo tops

Forget pointy hats and black cloaks – this real-life witch has been compared with Barbie.

Jeanine Hamlyn, 35, loves bright colours and says her “girly girl” appearance does not stop her mixing potions and holding candlelit rituals.

The mum, who has three sons aged 14, 11 and 10, said: “I don’t use the word magic.

“But I do believe I’m different and I see it as a gift to be used for good.” And she says modern witchcraft is nothing like the movies.

Jeanine added: “So many people believe we’re evil because of what they’ve seen in films.

“I don’t even wear black – I’m blonde, I buy all my clothes from Boohoo, and in my younger days I was considered to be a ‘Barbie’.

“I like to look nice and I’m a girly person. I like my tight tops, jeans and heels.

“We are a really positive culture and we welcome anyone to join, regardless who you are.”

Jeanine found herself drawn to Wicca, the practice of Pagan magic, at the age of 11, when she began to have premonitions about the future.

She set out to learn more about Paganism, which dates back to Ancient Egypt.

Jeanine, from Lowdham, Notts, said: “It’s like a religion, except instead of believing in a god we believe in the power of the mind.”

Her rituals can involve burning blue candles to bring good health and yellow ones for joy and happiness.

She also mixes herbs and flower petals, and recites spells to influence situations and ask for assistance from the universe.

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But Jeanine, who owns a shop selling mystical goods, would never put a curse on anyone.

She said in the past people have posted Bibles and crucifixes through the letterbox of her shop The Coven, in Matlock Bath, Derbys.

She added: “Scary films have tarnished the reputation of Pagan culture.

“We are not ‘dark’ or sinister at all – we believe in positive energy and are a very accepting community.”

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