Recruiter shares how you can get £60k doing jobs that require no qualifications

A millennial recruiter has shared some of the exciting jobs in the market that you can bag yourself up to £60,000 a year without any qualifications.

Eleni, who works as a job advisor at YourCareerSister, said the roles are not less popular or known to many people but it can be done with little qualifications.

Explaining in a series on TikTok, she admitted she has never heard of a role as a "LCA consultant".

She says: "This is a job within the sustainability industry and LCA stands for 'Life Cycle Assessment'. The crux of the job is analysing the carbon footprint of a product or a piece of infrastructure."

She gives an example of assessing a water bottle and the candidate will have to look through the process from when the material is sourced to the point when the user disposed it.

Eleni says: "The point of the job is to see how you can reduce the carbon footprint of the product. Is there any part of the chain that you can make it more sustainable and environmentally friendly?"

Other roles include multi-lingual analyst to help companies to overlook their branches based in several countries, and UX designers – a role that requires creativity and "use of psychology" but doesn't need a degree.

In another clip, Eleni mentions one emerging role that people can enjoy a starting salary of £60,000 a year.

"Today I want to talk to you about a role you don’t need a degree to do and even with two plus years of experience you can be looking at salaries of £60,000+ and that’s on the lower end," she explains.

"The role is a Product Data Analyst. It's a pretty new role in the markets so tech companies will be fighting over you because there is not many people doing the job right now."

The role is to analyse the success of the product and the good thing is, it's mostly related to some sort of apps or online platforms.

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