Remembering Mark Lanegan: These Are The Singers Highest-Grossing Songs

In the late 1980s, Mark Lanegan came to prominence when he formed the band Screaming Trees, which gained momentum after the 1992 album Sweet Oblivion. While working with the band, he also practiced his solo singing career. After the band broke up in 2000, Mark distanced himself from the grunge music that made him famous and looked for a new opportunity to create solo music. He collaborated with Queens Of The Stone Age and The Gutter Twins to release different music. Throughout his career, Lanegan released ten studio albums as a band member and solo artist and became one of the best artists of grunge music.

Sadly the singer passed away on February 22, 2022. His legacy will forever be remembered through the music he left for future generations. From the music, he created in the 90s to the songs he released in the 2010s.

10 Dollar Bill (1992)

Released as the second single of Screaming Trees’ sixth album Sweet Oblivion, Dollar Bill is a grunge song with a combination of folk and country elements. As reported by Classic Rock History, it is one of the most commercially successful songs of the band and reached number 40 position on the US Mainstream Rock chart. The psychedelic song was recorded and written by Mark Lanegan and Van Conner.

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9 Where Did You Sleep Last Night? (1990)

Wanting to create an identity for himself while working with the band, The singer covered the blues legend song Where Did You Sleep Last Night with Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain backing the vocals. The song was released with Lanegan’s solo debut album, The Winding Sheet, in 1990 and was a different genre compared to his music with Screaming Trees.

8 Bed of Roses (1991)

Bed Of Roses was the band’s only single from the 1991 album, Uncle Anesthesia, written by Mark and Conner Brothers. The deep and sonorous music of Bed Of Roses explains the hard-knock life and made cultural tides by showing the non-grunge side of the band, as stated by Pitch Fork.

7 Kimiko’s Dream House (2001)

A combination of country, blues, and soul, Lanegan released his first solo album in 2001 after the Screaming Trees disbanded. The song was a tribute to his friend Jeffrey Lee Pierce of The Gun Club, who gifted him the unfinished song in 1996 shortly before his death. One of the most memorable songs for Lanegan, Kimiko’s Dream House, was also his most graceful performance.

6 Song For The Dead (2002)

When the singer became an extra touring musician with the band Queens Of The Stone Age, Song For The Dead was one of the first songs when David Grohl of the Foo Fighters and Lanegan collaborated. Known as the grunge-soul griever, Lanegan showed his complete punk rock side as he was featured on the Queens Of The Stone Age album Rated R.

5 Methamphetamine Blues (2004)

Released in 2004, Bubblegum was Mark Lanegan’s most successful solo album, as noted by Louder Sound. Methamphetamine Blues was a popular song on the album that reached the 39th spot on the Billboard Independent Chart. With atomic fuzz and drum-busting rhythms, Methamphetamine Blues was a heavy-metal song that helped his solo album gain sales and momentum.

4 Honey Child What Can I Do? (2006)

An unlikely collaboration between a grunge singer and indie-pop artist, Mark Lanegan joined hands with Isobel Campbell to create an orchestrally delightful song on their album. With a combination of Campbell’s gentle voice and Lanegan’s deep croon, the song set a different tone for the artist, who was layered with different symphonies. Their collaboration album Ballad Of The Broken Seas was named New Musical Express’ Top one hundred albums of the decade and was shortlisted for the Mercury Music Prize in 2006.

3 Idle Hands (2008)

When Mark Lanegan’s solo career took a slump, he formed a duo with Greg Dulli called The Gutter Twins. They only released one album together, Saturnalia, with the first single as Idle Hands, and it was a successful collaboration. The album peaked at number 03 spot on the US Top Heatseekers and Number 16 on US Top Independent Charts.

2 Nearly Lost You (1992)

One of the most well-known songs by Screaming Trees, Nearly Lost You, has a combination of sincere lyrics and emotional vocals that set the band apart from the other grunge music bands. The single gave the band mainstream recognition and was written by Lanegan and the Conner Brothers. The song peaked on the fifth spot on the UK and US Alternative Songs list, respectively.

1 All I Know (1996)

From the 1996 album Dust by Screaming Trees, All I Know was inspired by the music released by The Beatles that was expressed by painful lyrics and snarling guitars. According to The Guardian, the song is a combination of thematic distress and classic pop harmonies that makes it one of the most successful songs.

From creating grunge music that made the crowd go wild to making unique collaborations to producing music like never imagined, Mark Lanegan was a genius who wrote and sang the best music in grunge history. The artist has left behind a long list of accomplishments under his name, which will be remembered for generations.

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