‘RHOC’ Reunion: Vicki Gunvalson Bugs Out Over Seating Chart & Tells Kelly ‘Get Off My Show’

Vicki Gunvalson nearly had a meltdown during Part 1 of the ‘RHOC’ reunion on Dec. 18, when she had to wait backstage while the main cast filmed without her.

“The OG of The OC”, Vicki Gunvalson, basically lost her s*** during Part 1 of the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion special on Dec. 18. So if you thought she was canceled or was too boring to win back her orange for Season 15, this week’s episode of the series probably changed your mind. “I am pissed at you guys right now,” Vicki told a producer named Gavin backstage, after realizing she wouldn’t be filming the entire show with the main cast. “I feel like a f***ing fool. I’m literally going to leave. This is bulls***. Where am I sitting? I want to know. Where am I sitting? Am I coming and sitting at the end like a little lap dog? I’m not going in and sitting at the end. I started this show 15 years ago, so you put me on or…. just let me go. Just f***ing let me go. If you don’t want me anymore, just let me go in grace.”

Then, after Emily and Gina hashed out their differences on stage, Vicki was seen talking to the same producer outside the studio. “You think I’m okay with this? This show has gone down because I am not the leader. The fact that there are already one or two acts already and now they’re going to throw me in like I’m thirsty — I feel like I’m with the bottom feeders. I feel like I’m with the catfish,” she said, as fiance Steve Lodge listened in. But when he suggested they “go home then”, she gave participating a second thought. Because let’s face it — even though Vicki threatened to leave, she never would. This is “her show”. She told Steve, “You know what — they made me wait, and every hour I waited while they’re off there filming, makes me feel like a has been.” So he told her to go forth and do what she needed to do and get it “over with”.

And once she got on stage, Vicki told Andy Cohen, “I’ve been waiting back there, and my temperature is at like 150. Don’t f***ing do this to me. Yeah… not good.” But when the cameras started rolling again, Vicki put a smile on her face and talked openly about her love life, saying how lucky she felt to have met Steve. It was as though nothing had happened. But things got extra heated again after the ladies’ lunch break, when the Miraval trip was brought up. Andy asked Kelly why she went after Gina and told her that she wasn’t as “accomplished” as her, and Kelly just said that she sold five houses on her own and had $1 million in the bank when she married Michael. But upon hearing that, Vicki started screaming at Kelly, saying she’s “not a businesswoman” and “no one’s going to you for business advice”. Then, Tamra called Kelly “stupid”, and Kelly called her a “dumb f***”.

Emily eventually intervened and said that she thought the “Tres Amigas” ganged up on Kelly this season, but Vicki was quick to point out that Kelly was the one who called her a “pig” quite a few times. “You’re okay with that?” Vicki asked. But Emily didn’t really have a chance to answer the question because Kelly chimed in and said she had no regrets about calling Vicki a “pig”. And Braunwyn said Kelly had no other choice, considering she was “pushed into a corner” by the “constant barrage of rumors” that Vicki spread about her.

Then, Kelly and Vicki called each other a few more names before Vicki told Andy, “Get her off my show! Get her off my show.” And Kelly was quick to jab back, saying, “You are off the show. You’re off your show,” while Braunwyn added, “Vicki, it’s not your show.” Vicki then shot back, “Oh yes, Braunwyn. Season number one. You wouldn’t be here. [Emily] wouldn’t be here. [Kelly] wouldn’t be here if I didn’t start this 15 years ago.”

Want more drama? Part 2 of the RHOC reunion airs Monday Dec. 23, and Part 3 will air Thursday Dec. 26 — only on Bravo.

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