Selma Blair discharged from care, will be ‘immunocompromised for next three months’

Selma Blair is once again handling her life living with multiple sclerosis with grace and humor.

The actress took to Instagram after being discharged from the hospital after undergoing treatment for possible complications she mentioned in the post, but didn’t go into details about what they were.

“Today is a banner day. I am being discharged from the care of an incredible team of nurses and techs and a visionary Dr. who believes in my healing as much as I do,” she wrote. “This has been a process. And will continue to be one. I am immunocompromised for next three months at least. So no kisses please.”

Next, she stayed positive in writing about the past few days.

“I wanted to make sure any complications that might arise here were my private space. And we got through brilliantly,” she added. “I thank you all for your love and support and that extra dose of great with a @people cover. I see things so much more clearly now. And I am excited to share this journey when I am ready. For now, I have recovery. And a great @the_alinker_world so I gotta split. Bye!!!!!! This is the best gift I could give to Arthur. #newimmunesystem #whodis?”

The People magazine cover Blair mentioned was from earlier this week and she couldn’t have been prouder with the interview and how she continues to inspire so many others.

“Mom! I have arrived! I am on the cover of @people and the Michigan girl in me is smiling way too broadly. This is such an honor to have this magazine and this thoughtful writer @karajwarner , pay a tribute to chronic illness and the people who pave the way to healing and love. This isn’t about how sick I may seem. This is about me as a mom and friend and a person who is growing every day and I hope some of you feel represented. Thank you,” she wrote Wednesday.

In the interview, the actress said her biggest cheerleader is her son Arthur.

Arthur, who turns eight on Friday, has seen her fall down and rush to the bathroom when she feels ill, but he doesn’t perceive her as weak.

She added that he recently told her that he loves when she visits his school, because she “makes the kids laugh” and “answer[s] all their questions.”

“He says, ‘Mommy’s not sick. Mommy’s brave,'” she told the magazine. “I thought, ‘I’m probably an embarrassment,’ but to know I’m not was one of my proudest moments.”

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