Shoppers rave over Amazon’s £4 ‘cooling pillow’

Shoppers rave over ‘amazing’ £4 Amazon cooling gel pillow pad which helps them sleep during hot summer nights

  • Shoppers are praising Amazon’s ‘cooling gel pillow’ which costs less than £4 
  • Pad can be slipped inside pillow to ‘absorb and dissipate heat through the night’
  • One raved about ‘excellent value’ while another wrote it kept them cool ‘all night’

Shoppers are raving over a ‘cooling gel pillow’ from Amazon which some say is helping them sleep during hot nights.

The pad, which costs less than £4, can be slipped inside a pillowcase alongside a normal pillow, and promises to ‘absorb and dissipate heat throughout the night’. 

Hundreds of reviewers online have praised the pillow, as shoppers heap praise on the gel pad.

One wrote: ‘Great pillow to keep you cool at night’, while another commented: ‘The pillow stays cool for ages, great quality.’ 

Shoppers have been raving over the gel pad, which can be easily slipped between a pillowcase and pillow to keep a person cool 

Hundreds of reviewers are praising the ‘gel pillow’ online for it’s cooling properties, with many calling it ‘excellent value’ 

Another commented:’Excellent value, and excellent in every category. Thanks very much.’

The gel pad, which comes in a bold blue colour, can be easily prepped by being placed in the fridge before bed time.  

Once cool, it can then be slipped easily between a pillow case and pillow to keep sleepers cool in bed.  

While the pillow’s description claims to maintain ‘optimum body temperature’ by ‘absorbing and dissipating heat throughout the night’. 

Many praised the pillow as helping them cope with the hot summer temperatures during this week’s heatwave (stock image)  

Happy customers have been raving about the gel pad online, with the product recieving hundreds of five star reviews online. 

One suggested it worked better than more expensive products, saying:’This works really, really well. Used to be flipping my expensive ‘cool’ pillow constantly until I fell asleep. 

Now…with this slipped inside the pillowcase…WOW it’s cool and then levels out to the perfect temperature.’ 

Another wrote: ‘I put it into a pillowcase and use when I wake up too hot, when it warms I put it on the headboard and it cools itself down for when I need it next.’ 

Shoppers have been praising the product online and have flooded it’s Amazon page with raving reviews

She added: ‘I bought one for Mum as a gift as I was so pleased with mine. She loves hers.’ 

Others have heaped praise on the affordable price of the pillow, calling the £3.84 an absolute steal.

One wrote: ‘What a bargain. Works perfectly for me in bed.’

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