Shoppers slam selfish Aldi hack that slows down famously-speedy checkouts

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A handy tip that was shared to try and help shoppers slow down the manic experience while checking out in Aldi has been dubbed "selfish" by discount shoppers.

It comes after a screenshot was shared on Facebook, which exposed the alleged best way to try and keep the Roadrunner-esque speed of the checkout workers at a manageable pace.

"In your face Aldi. Just so we got time to pack," the post read next to a picture of a very spaced out conveyor belt.

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But, no matter how handy the hack may have appeared, posting the trick seemed to backfire hugely.

The trick has since been branded "selfish" by many people who saw the post in the Aldi Fans Australia group.

One person said: "People like you [who are] packing their bag at the register [are] annoying and selfish.

"Try packing at the bench like everyone else."

A second added: "You know if you have issues with their scanning system you can go to Coles and Woolies any time. No one asked you to come Aldi."

A third said: "Rude, selfish, and very inconsiderate of other customers and staff. You should be banned. It's that simple."

Even though many people appeared to be left angry by the post, a few chirped in to say that it wasn't how the initial idea was meant to be interpreted at all.

A former Aldi worker said that people who work at the checkouts already know about the trick.

"I would hold the first item back from the sensor with my arm until everything piled up," they said.

An Aldi shift supervisor added: "I just make the belt continue to move so all the items bulk together."

What's more – it turns out you can just ask the cashiers to slow down a bit if you need them to.

“Our employees will review and adjust their scan speed based on how quickly or slowly each customer packs their shopping. If any customer would like an Aldi employee to slow down at the checkout, we encourage them to kindly request this,” an Aldi Australia spokeswoman told

When you shop at Aldi your items are quickly scanned and then paid for, and customers are advised to use the benches located just past the checkout to pack their goodies away.

Previously it was reported that checkout operators at the store need to scan at least 1,000 items every hour, and face written warning if they don't cut the mustard.


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