Situation, JWoww and Angelina Finally Settle Beef — Before Sitch Sparks New Conflict With Deena

The episode ended with a hot mic moment between a producer and Deena, who seemed at her breaking point.

After last week’s episode of “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” in which the drama between Jenni “JWoww” Farley, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and Angelina Pivarnick came to an explosive head, the three were finally able to hash out their issues.

But a new conflict started brewing with Deena Nicole Cortese almost immediately.

The new hour started with the screaming match between Jenni and Angelina continuing during the group’s trip to San Diego, before both JWoww and Mike pushed back at Pivarnick’s claims that the rest of the cast never share their personal drama on camera.

“Do you think I wanted to share when I had a miscarriage? I had court … everybody cried when I left. I got sent to prison!” exclaimed Sorrentino, making a solid point. “When I got picked up from prison, I shared every single thing of my life. We all have.”

The editors then spliced together dramatic moments from all their lives, showing just how much they have shared with the audience at home.

All Hell Breaks Loose as JWoww, Angelina and The Situation Fight Explodes on Jersey Shore Family Vacation

Though Mike said he truly believes Angelina lied to the cast about cheating specifically, she insisted she keeps it real with them 24/7 and told them all she doesn’t feel appreciated by her costars. She also expressed frustration with not being on the main group chat, before Lauren Sorrentino chimed in and said she believed Angelina’s hostility stemmed from her divorce, and less to do with the rest of the cast.

Lauren pleaded with Pivarnick to have a good time on the trip and leave the negativity in the past — which Angelina agreed to do, so long as they all agreed to stop contacting her ex-husband. With that, it seemed as though they had officially hashed everything out and the gang finally went to the pool party that had been rocking outside the hotel suite for hours … just in time for last call.

When they grabbed cocktails in a cabana, however, Mike made a joke about his podcast — which Deena took as a dig at her, because she had reminded Jenni how messy Mike was by considering interviewing Chris and Angelina’s alleged side-piece for an episode. During the prior fight, Jenni said Deena had done that, upsetting Mike.

At a group dinner, Sitch made another side comment Deena once again took personally, before venting her frustrations to the group. “I don’t need people saying side s— on the side,” she snapped. “Let it go, unless other people want it to be something.”

“Meana” had come out, joked Jenni.

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The group splintered after that, with Deena, her husband Chris, Snooki and Angelina going out to drink together, while Jenni, Zack, Sitch, Lauren and Vinny went their own way. Once they separated, Mike started to complain about Deena.

“If you’re saying I’m talking s—, the whole group chat is talking s—,” he said. “I’m definitely pissed off. Why try to paint me in a bad light?”

Following a wild night in which they all got a little tipsy, Deena was clearly emotional the next morning. When her husband asked whether the drama was “over,” she was adamant that it “has” to be.

“I can’t do it anymore. I can’t do anymore of this. Why are we still doing these digs? Let’s just move on,” she exclaimed, as the show cut to a still-upset Mike saying he and Deena may have to hash things out on their own now.

“I’m 35 years old, I have 2 kids, an amazing husband, my life is f—ing amazing. I don’t have to deal with that s—,” Deena continued. “Yesterday was too much, we’re too old for this s—. I don’t have it in me.”

The episode ended with a hot mic moment between Deena and a producer, as she was heard off-camera saying, “I can’t do it again. Dealing with that yesterday was a lot and it takes it out of me. I don’t have it in me to fight with people. I wish I never told Jenni about the podcast.”

The drama continues next Thursday on MTV.

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