Slim down with these healthy products that promise to do just that

IF you are looking for some healthy help with slimming down, there are products on the market that promise to do just that.

I give some of them a whirl, while our Beauty Editor puts pregnancy oils through their paces.


with Jane Atkinson

CARB BLOCKERS – Myvitamins white kidney bean pills contain phaseolamin, an inhibitor of the enzyme alpha-amylase. That enzyme prevents starch digestion, potentially aiding weight loss. Twenty minutes before eating a high-carb meal, take two (containing 250mg of extract) to feel less bloated. Great.

  • Myvitamins, £13.99 for 90 capsules, – buy now

TURN FAT INTO ENERGY – Acetyl L-carnitine is one of the most popular non-stimulant fat-loss supplements out there. A non-essential amino acid found naturally in the human body, it transports fat to the body’s power-generating mitochondria to use as energy. Mix 1 tsp of Innermost’s Define Booster in water. Tart and lemony, so knock it back quickly.

  • Innermost’s Define Booster, £24.95 for 100 servings, – buy now

METABOLISM BALANCING – Clean-eating vegans might lack iodine, chiefly found in white fish and cow’s milk. It is vital for a healthy thyroid gland, which helps control your metabolism. Iodine is not stored in our bodies so we must top it up in our diet. Kelp is rich in iodine and vegan-friendly. Healthspan Kelp Extract from unpolluted water is a good option.

  • Healthspan Kelp Extract, £12.95 for 360 tablets, – buy now


With Gabriella Stein

BUDGET – Designed to hydrate and soften the skin, this smells amazing. It absorbs quickly, so you can use it in the morning and get dressed without staining clothes or leaving the skin greasy. A practical option for daily use, free of nasties such as parabens, phthalates and sulfates too.

  • Palmer’s coconut oil formula body oil, £7.35 for 150ml, – buy now

MID – Enriched with sweet almond and lemon oils to moisturise dry skin, plus vitamin E to reduce stretch marks. Use it on damp skin after a bath or shower to lock in moisture. I didn’t love the lingering lemon fragrance but being all-natural, this is suitable for mum and baby alike.

  • Burt’s Bees Mama Bee nourishing body oil, £9.99 for 115ml, – buy now

LUXURY – A lightweight oil for pregnancy and postpartum skin. Antioxidant-rich camelia oil nourishes skin, while sweet almond oil and vitamin E combat scarring and stretch marks. Has a subtle fragrance and absorbs instantly. Also conditions nails, hair and scalp. A great all-rounder and my favourite of the three.

  • Elemis Japanese camellia body oil blend, £40 for 100ml, – buy now

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