‘Small town girl’ spends £53,000 turning herself into real life Jessica Rabbit

A buxom Instagram model has spent a fortune on her appearance.

Lindi Lee Nunziato, 31, was determined to transform herself from “small town girl” to curvy babe.

She has spent £53,000 on procedures over the years, including three boob jobs.

But while she loves her Jessica Rabbit-like appearance, she admits she’s been trolled for it in the past.

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Lindi, from Citrus County, Florida, has had a love for plastic surgery since she was a teenager.

She admitted: “I started getting surgeries when I was just 19 years old.

“Since I was a kid I’ve always wanted extremely large breasts – I blame Jessica Rabbit!”

After getting her first boob job at 19, the model has had them redone twice.

And while you may think her curves couldn’t get any bigger, she’s considering a fourth augmentation.

The buxom bombshell has also got liposuction in the past.

But these ops haven’t always gone to plan, which has made her more cautious about which surgeons she chooses.

Lindi explained: “(Once) I didn’t have enough fat.

“It hurt my body more than it helped me achieve the look I wanted.”

Even though the procedure went wrong, the influencer doesn’t regret spending thousands on her appearance.

The model insists the operations have been worth it because they’ve helped her to stand-out on Instagram.

She remarked: “They’ve helped me, for the most part.

“It’s really affected my life in terms of growing my social media.”

Lindi has 1.4 million followers on Instagram and a further 49,000 on Twitter.

She credits her looks, which she works hard to maintain in the gym, for her success on social media.

Every day, Lindi is inundated with compliments and marriage proposals.

Some even show their support by sending her gifts.

The Instagrammer said: “I get marriage proposals every day.

“My followers always compliment me and are extremely kind.

“They’ve given me flowers, ordered me food, bought my presents…

“For now, anyway this gorgeous girl is single.

“I don’t have a significant other.

“But when I do they’ll have to understand and support my way of life."

Lindi’s family is supportive of her career – but they sometimes step in to keep her grounded.

The model admitted: “My mum tells me when she thinks I’m doing too much.

"I’ve never had any surgeries done to my face.

“I feel she might have an issue with that.”

Even though the real life Jessica Rabbit has the support of her family and fans, some aren’t so kind about her appearance.

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In the past, the plastic surgery fan has been compared to a “stripper”.

She said: “People do jump to conclusions about me, I but I’m just trying to be my best self…

“Some people do say mean things porn star, stripper, duck lips.

“I wish people know that I’m super hard on myself.

“Maybe people think my look is intimidating.”

Despite the opinions of trolls, Lindi is pleased with how her social media followers have welcomed her eye-popping looks.

She added: “I’m just a small town girl who went and got some big boobs.

“Somedays I look at my Insta followers and I’m like, 'wow I’ve convinced this many people I’m cool'."

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