Social media users share the crazy notices from neighbours

Everybody needs good neighbours! Residents reveal hilarious goings on in their local area – from a report of a ‘spying’ sunflower to a missing cat in dungarees

  • People from around the world shared hilariously strange posts from neighbours
  • One snap shows a missing cat wearing dungarees who is apparently now ‘naked’
  • In another, a resident reports still having Halloween decorations up as a crime

Loving thy neighbour is sometimes more easily said than done, especially when strange complaints appear online. 

The Twitter account, Best of Nextdoor keeps track of hilarious posts from users from around on the app Next Door, with the best examples collated in a gallery by Why These.

One snap shows someone fretting about drugs that turned out to be a dropped sweet, while someone was worried about a sunflower that they believed could be spying on them.  

Elsewhere, the police got involved when a tomato plant was mistaken for marijuana, and someone hires themself out as a ‘bodyguard’. 

Here, Femail shares some hilariously ridiculous statements from Neighbours.  

Blooming paranoid! One gardener in San Francisco was worried that this pretty solo sunflower was in fact a secret spy camera 

Call the fashion police! Some unfortunate owners of a missing cat released a dungaree-clad likeness, but clarified that he wasn’t wearing the said outfit at the time of his great escape 

Don’t take it personally! A resiident in Quintana Roo, Mexico, found this note criticizing the paint colour of their house 

At least they’re recycling! These masks made by a creative type in Phoenix from old jeans allow you to drink beer and stay safe from Covid in dubious fashion 

Next Door is an app where people can share local services, but perhaps this man from Georgia offering to be a bodyguard for Black Friday shopping is not what the creators had in mind 

High jinks! A gardener in the US was left red faced after discovering the police had been called to their home for growing marijuana

Sweet mistake! A concerned mother in Arizona founr the popular Nineties candy PEZ in her son’s room an immediately jumped to the wrong conclusion 

What a howler: It seems as though the majority of people in  Florida town would actually like to see more coyotes in the area

The very definition of a first world problem, is the avocados in West Hollywood being too unripe to eat 

While perhaps a slight eyesore to any who oppose Halloween, leaving up decorations is hardly a ‘crime’

One unlucky US neighbour found themselves having to part with a perfectly good cat toy after finding their furniture ruined

Yes, boba milk tea is well known for causing a disturbance in neighbours, also those satisfies tastebuds are bad news!

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