Stingy man cling films furniture and sleeps in wardrobe to save on heating

A man has been dubbed a "cheapskate" for sleeping in a built-in wardrobe inside his bedroom to save paying heating bills.

Todd Moriarty, from US, went to extreme lengths to cut costs while living in a massive three-bedroom house.

He appeared in an episode of TLC's Extreme Cheapskates and said he hoped his money-saving tips could fetch him a better price when selling his house.

"I live in a three-bedroom, three-bath house but two of the bathrooms have never been used," he told to the real estate agents, who came to evaluate the house.

Houses in Todd's neighbourhood were reportedly in the region of $250,000 (£199,000) but given the pristine condition of Todd's property, he's hoping to get at least $280,000 (£223,000).

The self-confessed money-saving expert has all the furniture removed and uses cling film to wrap around handles, rails, wooden frames so they are in brand-new condition.

He even puts plastic covers on the carpet and asks realtors to wear protective gloves for their shoes during viewings.

Todd also wraps cling film around the toilet that he is using.

"I don't like stains so this just protects everything, I change it regularly, once a year," he tells the agents.

When he leads them to his "bedroom", he opens the wardrobe inside the master bedroom, which has a mattress lying on the floor and a pile of clothes on top of the rack.

He explains: "I just don't see the need of heating the whole bedroom up when I can just heat up a small closet with a little space heater.

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"I'll probably always be cheap. It is just grained into me and that's the only way I know how to do it."

But Todd's money-saving habits has caused him his marriage.

Ex-wife Stephanie Hubbs says: "It was very hard to live like that and to have nothing. I can't…"

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