Tattoo fan says he got more X-rated snaps than ever after fully inking penis

A tattoo fanatic opened up about his extreme X-rated tattoo, which he claimed exposed him to a number of new sexual propositions.

Richie Bones is a tattoo fan and OnlyFans model who gained attention after decorating his body with extreme artwork.

The US native is compared to Star Wars character Darth Maul for his skull-like facial tattoos, and has over 6,000 followers on TikTok where he shares clips of his projects and unusual lifestyle.

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Earlier this year, the model went viral after he revealed he had a full sleeve tattoo on his penis, and speaking in a recent interview with the JustINKD YouTube channel, Richie admitted the response had been overwhelming.

“I have gotten more d*** pics and more p***y pictures, and t*** and offers in the past month than I have ever in my entire life,” he admitted.

“I’m not really lacking in that portion of life, I was already well-off in that area. I think it’s a matter of self control, it’s not not helped.

“It’s just a matter of, am I the kind of person that’s just going to take advantage of it? No, because I still have emotions and I still have needs and wants when it comes to sexuality and relationships.”

Despite this, Richie confessed that sexuality had been part of the reason for his decision to get the intimate tattoo.

“[It was] purely sexual, and spiritual, and to see what I could do pain-wise,” he revealed.

“Everybody was saying, ‘it’s so painful’, but I know plenty of people that have them. There are plenty of people with d*** tattoos.

“But on the underneath [of the penis], I really don’t know too many people, or the way that I did them.

“I got these tattoos from an ex-girlfriend. She sat with me and we basically figured out what it is that we wanted to do that would look good on my d*** when it’s hard and soft.”

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And, after stressing that the procedure was “not painful”, Richie opened up about the meaning behind his unique artwork, which includes a lightning bolt, the Wi-Fi symbol, a dagger and centipede.

Aside from the lightning bolt, which the tattoo fan claimed was a nod to his Jewish identity, each piece of art serves a sexual purpose.

“The WiFi is is basically putting that sexual energy out,” he explained.

As for the dagger, Richie joked it was to do with his member in the bedroom.

He added: "The centipede was because I wanted a scuba diver so it looked like it was going in and out, but the centipede actually works out well, because flesh on flesh it literally looks like a centipede is going inside a woman.”


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