Tattoo model is single and looking for handsome man to ‘ruin her life’

Amber Luke is single and ready to mingle – even though relationships can end in heartbreak.

On Instagram, the tattoo model revealed she’s on the hunt for a man.

And if you’re a body art fan with blue eyes, you could be just her type!

The 25-year-old, from Brisbane, Australia, dressed in a sexy outfit to catch people's attention as they scrolled through social media.

She let her long blue locks run over her curves and struck a pose in a tiny triangle bra with a matching latex top and skirt.

Amber showcased her inkings, which cover 98% of her body, and stared off into the distance wistfully.

Amber captioned the image: “Some handsome, blue eyed, heavily tattooed male – come ruin my life, please.”

The post garnered dozens of likes – and it’s clear the influencer isn’t short of admirers.

Fans swooned over the influencer, calling her “cute” and “sexy”.

One guy even offered himself up as boyfriend material, writing: “I’m right here”.

Whoever the lucky man is, he’ll struggle to compete with Amber’s body art collection.

The Aussie bombshell has more than 600 tattoos that cover her from head to toe.

Her designs include geometric patterns all over her chest, portraits on her thighs and bold face ink.

The influencer also has body modifications like stretched ears and a split tongue.

Even though she’s altered her looks a lot over the years, it’s unlikely Amber will be stopping any time soon.

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