Teacher quits job and cute makeover in non-work clothes has fans purring

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    A young teacher who was affected "psychologically" by wearing dowdy clothes to work every day has left fans purring after flaunting her glamorous glow up in much hotter outfits.

    Lillian Abra, from the US, started working in education shortly after the Covid pandemic hit, but after growing tired of the daily grind, she made the decision to quit last year.

    She's now shared a video on TikTok in which she discusses 'teacher fashion'.

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    Happy to have left her old career, she said she wouldn't "miss" dressing for comfort and practicality every day.

    In the comments, lots of teachers and former teachers said Lillian's video had resonated with them, but there were others who said they made an effort to go glam to work.

    But just about everyone agreed that Lillian looked "amazing" in her less casual clobber.

    Speaking from her apartment, Lillian showed fans what she now wears – a green strappy halter top and a satin skirt.

    She said: "I quit my job as an elementary teacher, which means I no longer have to wear clothes that look like I'm sponsored by Old Navy.

    "I'm…I'm not gonna miss this. I'm not saying that teacher fashion can't be cute, I'm just saying that every day waking up at 5am and wearing stuff like this….

    "This the kind of vibe, but like, it did something to me psychologically.

    "Some of you say, 'I literally don't dress like that'. I literally said that teachers can dress cute but I don't have the time or income for that."

    In her series of "pandemic teacher" videos, she is seen wearing high-neck tops and cardigan, or sweatshirt with a turtleneck underneath.

    People shared their thoughts in the comments and many said "every teacher had the same wardrobe".

    One wrote: "I work far away from my school so that I can wear what I want during summers or weekends without running into students."

    Another mentioned: "Teacher fashion can be cute but its pretty difficult.You gotta be comfy, covered, appropriate, gotta be able to be on your feet and move and get messy."

    Lillian agreed and said most teachers have outfits from budget-friendly shops like Target, Goodwill and Old Navy, as well as "teacher-themed T-shirts".

    After quitting her job, she started posting more videos of her wearing cute dresses and fitted tops.

    One viewer said: "Okay but that green top looks AMAZING on you."

    "The skirt in the beginning is so cute!! Where is it from?" said another.

    Someone else simply said: "Purr".


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