Teen Mom's Gary and Kristina Detail Issues with Amber Portwood After She Walks Out of Reunion

Amber may have walked off, but that didn’t stop everyone else from talking about her.

After Amber Portwood stormed off set of the “Teen Mom OG” reunion last week, the conversation continued without her as Gary Shirley and his wife Kristina joined Nessa and Dr. Drew for Part 2 on Tuesday night.

Amber left the shoot after she unloaded on Kristina during a sit-down with Gary. She felt neither of them were doing enough to foster a better relationship between her and her daughter, Leah. After Portwood walked out, Kristina sat down with Gary and was asked about her relationship with Amber’s daughter, her stepdaughter.

“Her and I have a wonderful bond, just like my other two daughters, there’s no difference,” she said. Dr. Drew then wondered whether she understood how that relationship could also be seen as “threatening” to Amber.

“Yeah, my oldest daughter has a stepmother and I encourage that relationship,” said Kristina. “The more people that love her, the more people that take care of her, makes her happy.”

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Kristina then explained she was hurt by allegations Amber made claiming something went down between her and Gary behind Kristina’s back. Last week, Portwood said Gary touched her in a way she felt was inappropriate, while he claimed she turned something innocent into a “nasty perverted thing.”

“She could have came to me personally to discuss those issues. I know Gary didn’t do anything,” said Kristina, before Gary said Amber blew up after he claimed on the show he took care of her for a week and joked helping her was like having a teenage daughter.

“Those two comments set her off and she started going online saying they’re two faced, all this stuff and then everybody started hating on Amber at that point,” said Gary. “It takes a little thing to set her off.”

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When Dr. Drew noted Amber’s history of depression, Gary also said her reading all the online comments about her doesn’t help. “She reads all the comments and there’s a lot of comments out there about Kristina being a better mom for Leah,” he said, “it makes her depressed about that situation.”

“I think if it was up to Leah, she would throw the towel in,” added Kristina, regarding how she believes Amber’s daughter feels about the situation. She also said she was still “hurt” but Portwood’s allegations and expressed frustration that she hadn’t heard from Amber personally yet to apologize.

“It’s hard to allow somebody to come into your home knowing they just tried to ruin your relationship with your wife,” added Gary. “It’s like letting the snake in your house. I’m not saying she’s a snake, I want her to be happy, I want her to be healthy.”

He added, “But I think you guys hinted at, I feel as though she is jealous of the relationship Kristina has with Leah, she wants that bond, I don’t know how to say it — could she have a bond with Leah, yes, but it wouldn’t be the same.”

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