Teenage daughter was sexually abused by her boss and I want to hurt him

DEAR DEIDRE: AS a former successful amateur boxer, I feel frustrated and angry that I can’t use my skills to knock ten bells out of the scumbag who abused my daughter.

A year ago my beautiful girl broke down and admitted the newsagent she used to do a paper round for six years ago had sexually abused her most mornings.

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The abuse had continued for nearly two years, starting when she was only 12 years old. I am 45 and my daughter is 18.

We notified the police and he admitted everything. He is awaiting trial.

But my poor daughter is struggling.

She is still waiting for counselling. My heart breaks that I wasn’t able to protect her like a dad should.

I would give anything to go around to that man’s home and teach him a lesson.

The police have warn­ed me to stay away. What can I do? I feel useless.

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DEIDRE SAYS: If you do attack this man, you would be sinking to his level.

It would be far better to continue to focus on supporting your daughter as she prepares for the court case.

You are helping your daughter through the very daunting task of going to court – and you have not let her down.

You were not to know what this man was capable of.

I’m sending you my support pack Abused As A Child, which has organisations that will help your daughter.

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