Terrified horse hopped on bus to dodge police trying to rescue it from busy road

A runaway horse trying to evade police boarded a double-decker bus on the hoof.

Traffic officers were trying to round up the animal after it fled from a field and ran onto a busy dual carriageway in Cardiff.

It then got on the service heading to the University Hospital of Wales but the driver pulled over and his long-faced passenger was recaptured unharmed.

South Wales Police saw the funny side and posted a photo of the horse on social media.

They joked: “A horse on the ‘mane’ A48 Eastern Ave decided to ‘stirrup’ trouble but in doing so risked falling ‘foal’ of the law.”

The driver pulled his vehicle over and the horse was captured unharmed – to the relief of drivers and passengers.

Hayley Stephens, who helped rescue the horse, said everyone was a bit "flummoxed" as to what to do.

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Ms Stephens said: "It was crazy. I still can't believe it.

"I used to ride horses in Cardiff Riding School, but I have not loaded a horse into a horse box or a trailer, let alone a bus, it was quite a novel experience.

"The police arrived and we were all a bit flummoxed of what to do because we couldn't get a horse box there in time."

The bus operations manager Tony Bishop said the decision was taken to drive the bus to a secure location to avoid spooking the horse further on the busy road.

He added: "Due to the A48 being such a busy road, the decision was made to transport the horse to a safe location and wait for the owner to come to collect it.

"It was an eventful night for all involved and thankfully had a very happy ending."

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