Terrified woman urged to move house after finding creepy cellar under her floor

A woman redecorating her house was left freaked out after discovering a secret cellar underneath the floor.

TikToker Abi found the hidden basement underground when she began ripping up the flooring in her storage cupboard – and was convinced someone had been down there.

After taking up the flooring, a hole appeared with steps down to an unknown passage with some saying it was like "something out of a horror movie".

When she shared the clip online, people were so shaken they urged her to move home.

The opening leading down to the unknown room was based below the cupboard underneath the stairs in the house.

Abi wrote in the footage: "I can't believe what we just found in our storage cupboard." The clip shows her walking towards the steps before climbing down.

As she slowly moves down, darkness slowly creeps in and debris is covering the stairs.

Pieces of wood, rocks, and what appear to be parts of the wall crumbling onto the ground make it difficult to walk about.

TikTok user @abi_mia14 is convinced that "someone 100% has been down here," in the video, which has been watched over 731k times.

As she shines a light on one of the walls in the room an odd green and yellow painting can be seen with parts of it scratched out.

She then shows the remainder of the hidden cellar which is in disrepair.

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It seems that it's been boarded up for some time and left in a sorry state.

There is a small alcove with a shelf and the walls looked old and crumbling in places.

Abi captioned her video: "Wtaf! This is scary!"

Viewers were just as traumatised as her, with thousands of comments urging Abi to move out of the house.

One person wrote: "Na, I'd be moving."

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Another penned: "Pack up and get the funk out of town."

Another TikTok user suggested: "Just close it up and act like you never found it."

And someone else joked: "Bruh, you've released the spirits now!"

Although some people pointed out that many older homes have hidden basements that could have been used during World War II.

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