Tesco, Asda, Waitrose: Which supermarket has cheapest delivery fee? Prices have increased

Asda outline their latest safety measures during the pandemic

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Supermarkets such as Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose have all updated delivery options for customers. How much does it cost to get groceries delivered?

The coronavirus pandemic has caused more people to do their weekly food shop online, whether for necessity or ease.

Supermarkets have continually increased how many slots are available to cope with the growing demand.

The various delivery services on offer and how much these cost has also changed.

How much does delivery cost as each supermarket chain?


The supermarket giant scrapped ‘cheap’ delivery slots last year in a move to make flat rate prices.

Previously, customers could pay anywhere between £2 and £7 depending on when their order arrived.

This system was replaced with a flat rate of £4.50 for deliveries at any time, meaning some shoppers were left paying more.

It has also introduced its Delivery Savers scheme where shoppers can pay a monthly fee of £7.99 to get unlimited grocery deliveries.


Like Tesco, the retailer opted to change its pricing system in a move made last year.

The price range was previously £1 to £6, which rose to a range of £1 to £7.

How much is paid depends on the day and time the delivery is scheduled to arrive. Some stores offer selected low price delivery slots.

In addition, it offers a delivery pass which costs £6 a month and allows shoppers to book multiple deliveries.


Recent changes at Sainsbury’s saw some prices go up while other slots became more affordable.

Slots were given prices between £2 and £4.50 when over £40. Previously, slots cost between 50p and £7.

Sainsbury’s also offers a Delivery Pass which costs £60 a year for an anytime pass, or £30 a year for a midweek pass.


The supermarket giant has announced a big update to delivery as it scraps its rapid delivery service to focus on its Deliveroo partnership.

For its standard service, many shoppers do not need to pay for delivery.

Its website said: “Unless otherwise stated at checkout, there is no charge for picking and delivering your Waitrose order.

“Our minimum order value is £40.”

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