Tesco takes action to stop shoppers snatching yellow sticker items from staff

Tesco has been forced to take drastic actions to stop people ‘snatching’ discounted yellow ticket items out of workers' hands before they can put them on shelves.

The supermarket is now putting up security barricades to protect staff from ‘desperate’ shoppers trying to bag the best bargains.

Staff at one branch in Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, told managers they did not feel safe, as reported by The Sun.

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The barriers keep the discount area out of bounds, and the yellow ticket items out of reach until the staff member has finished their job.

As the cost of living continues to soar, more Brits are trying to cut costs where they can, with millions turning to food banks.

Meanwhile, data suggests the average food shop increased by 17% over the last year.

Some staples have risen even more, with vegetable oil up 65% and pasta increasing by 60%, according to reports.

Typically yellow ticket items are discounted and put out in the last few hours before the store closes that day.

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The items typically go out of date day and are dramatically discounted in a bid to avoid food waste.

But one supermarket source says there are often large gatherings of shoppers at 4pm, just waiting for the items to be discounted.

Other supermarkets are also understood to be using similar barriers.

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A Morrisons spokesman said: "The barriers were used during Covid to help protect our colleague's health and some stores have continued to use them since then.”

Helen Dickinson, of the British Retail Consortium, added: “We have seen violence and abuse against shop workers go up during the pandemic but instead of it alleviating since then, it’s getting worse.”

Tesco chairman John Allan previously spoke of shoppers telling cashiers to stop ringing up goods when the bill hits £40 as it is all the cash they have.


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