The 9 Most Expensive Oreos In The World

The National Biscuit Company was formed in 1898, and the Animal Crackers were rolled out in 1902. The crackers’ popularity led to the Oreo cookie’s invention a decade later. With its creme filling inside two chocolate discs, Oreo surpassed the popularity of other products sold in the Nabisco production facilities. The origin of the name was a mystery as some claim it was derived from French or Greek origins. While the original Oreo cookies taste remains the same, in 1975, the brand introduced its first variation with the double stuff Oreos. Since then, Nabisco has collaborated with multiple brands to create unique cookies while maintaining its signature shape and taste.

More recently, the Pokémon x Oreo Collection took over as people gathered sought-after cookies to earn prizes. From making pop culture-related cookies to Pokémon Oreos that are worth a fortune, let’s look at the most expensive Oreos in the world.

9 The Batman Oreos ($20)


After facing several changes in its release date, The Batman, starring Robert Pattinson as the Caped Crusader, was released with an extravagant marketing blitz. According to HypeBeast, a limited-edition series was released through a partnership with Oreo, wherein the usual artwork was replaced with Batman’s face. The exterior packaging had a background of Gotham city and the film’s logo at the bottom. The cookies were exclusively sold in Canada, Australia, and Europe.

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8 Chocolate Confetti Cake Oreos ($20)


To celebrate the 110th anniversary of the Oreo cookie, the brand released a special series in January 2022 to commemorate the celebration. As noted by USA Today, they introduced a limited-edition cake-flavored product alongside a contest for the presale fans. Additionally, it was the first time Oreo added rainbow sprinkles inside and outside the cookie. The contest prizes included earning a baking class and basketball experience with notable athletes.

7 Jigglypuff Oreos ($50)


As the name suggests, Jigglypuff is known for its jelly-like appearance and is a sought-after merchandise Pokémon after it became a meme in pop culture. The light pink creature may be an easy find as a plush toy, but it is hard to find printed on an Oreo cookie in mint condition, making it a hard-to-find cookie for everyone.

6 Sableye Oreos ($50)


The Dark Ghost Pokémon is a part of the Mega Evolution series and appears with tiny claws and pointed ears. While Sableye is one of the most common Pokémons found through the contest, it remains an expensive buy as finding the Oreo in good condition is a rarity as most of them are destroyed or shipped in an unsealed bag.

5 Charmander Oreos ($200)


A crowd favorite and first-generation Pokémon, it is not a surprise that Charmander-themed cookies have been selling for upwards of $200 per packet. This cookie was easily found in a common Kanto set with the rest, but the Pokémon was hard to find as an individual edition, making the price hike higher than expected.

4 Pikachu Oreos ($250)


While Pikachu isn’t the rarest of Pokémons in the Oreo challenge, it has remained a crowd favorite since the beginning. As the companion of Ash Ketchum, he has always been alongside the protagonist since the very beginning of the show. The franchise mascot/most-beloved Pokémon is a rare but unforgettable find for Oreo lovers.

3 Squirtle Oreos ($500)


Squirtle may not be an evolving Pokémon, but he is a crowd favorite and one of the world’s most popular Pokémon Oreo series. The light blue turtle-shaped creature is beloved for its cute face and remains a hard-to-find character in an individual pack. It is often found sold at retail on auction sites like eBay.

2 Supreme Oreos ($91,000)


Supreme is known for its limited-edition streetwear drops and highly anticipated clothing series. In 2020, the Spring Summer 2020 collection included a sneaker collection and varsity jackets, and bright red double-stuff Oreos. As mentioned by Forbes, Supreme partnered with Nabisco to use the signature red color on the cookies alongside the logo in the center. The packaging also had the logo printed, and the collection first dropped at a flagship store in SoHo.

1 Mew Pokémon Oreos ($100,000)


As the contest brewed in search of various Pokémon Oreos online and offline, the most-expensive Oreo was listed at a retail price of $100,000 on eBay for a Me-themed Oreo, as stated by Insider. The family-sized package of the legendary psychic Pokémon was highly sought-after as fans were willing to pay the big bucks to get their hands on the boxes. Out of all of the hidden Pokémon Oreos, Mew was the rarest find.

Oreos have been a long-standing pop culture icon, often appearing in various television shows and movies. The impact of the cookies has helped marketing campaigns pick up the pace, and its exciting rewards help them gain momentum. While the exterior packaging often sees a few changes, the taste of the cookies remains unmatched.

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