The Accident viewers brand domestic violence scene 'unnecessary'

Viewers demand that Channel 4 issue a public apology over ‘unnecessary’ domestic violence scene in The Accident – as Penny is beaten to the floor by her husband

  • Channel 4 series The Accident was inspired by The Grenfell Tower tragedy
  • Viewers were left shocked after harrowing domestic violent scene aired in show
  • Penny was beaten by husband Iwan Bevan,which viewers branded ‘unnecessary’

Viewers were left in shock following an ‘unnecessary’ domestic violence scene that aired in last night’s episode of The Accident.

The new series of the Channel 4 series focuses on a small Welsh town that’s left devastated after an explosion, which results in the deaths of several teenagers.  

Despite starring talent including Sarah Lancashire, viewers slammed channel 4 for showing such a distressing scene without any warning, which showed her character Penny beaten to the floor by her husband, Iwan Bevan (played by Mark Lewis Jones). 

‘Channel 4 how dare you not mention that the #TheAccident contained domestic violence,’ wrote one. ‘Not in any of the adverts did it show that it had it in; it’s not mentioned in any interviews in TV Times magazine. Who ever was in charge of publicity should make a public apology ASAP.’

A second penned: ‘Totally unnecessary violence, abuse, and she hugged him? Not watching again.’

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The Accident aired on channel 4 last night but was slammed by viewers for airing a distressing domestic violence scene which saw Penny (played by Sarah Lancashire) beaten to the floor by her husband, Iwan Bevan (Mark Lewis Jones). Pictured in the show

Just moments after the violent attack, Penny crawled up to her husband on the stairs and offered him an embrace (pictured)

The harrowing scene was branded ‘unnecessary’ by viewers, with some vowing never ot watch the show again (pictured)

‘Well we gave it a go, it showed so much promise but 50 minutes in and the violence is unnecessary. Will not be watching the rest of #TheAccident,’ commented a third, while a fourth added: 

‘I’ve been really looking forward to #TheAccident because I love Joanna Scanlon. The direction was poor, the script clichéd and the violence unnecessary.’ 

In the show, the couple were seen trying to get their heads around the revelation that their daughter Leona, 15, was involved in the fatal explosion.

But as they tried to get to the bottom of the disaster, the episode took another sinister turn. 

In the distressing clip, Iwan pinned his wife to the wall, before kicking her to the floor (pictured) 

While the show was inspired by the real-life Grenfell Tower tragedy, it was the domestic abuse scene that caused a stir online

While the concept was inspired by the Grenfell Tower tragedy, which burned down in 2017 and devastatingly killed 72 residents, it was the domestic violence scene that caused a stir on social media.

Many who tuned in vowed never to watch the programme again, while others were left baffled when Penny was quick to give her violent husband a hug.

‘Omg #TheAccident. Not the actual accident but the domestic violence…’ wrote one, while another added: ‘WtF Domestic violence used as an excuse for upset!’

A third explained: ‘Like Polly in #TheAccident, many #DomesticAbuse survivors find it incredibly hard to leave. 

Meanwhile, others were left criticising the show for completely different reasons – primarily the ‘dodgy accents.’  

‘Bit disappointed with the #TheAccident – mainly because of the dodgy accents,’ commented one. ‘Either cast a Welsh actress as the lead or don’t fake the Welsh accent, it never works.

‘Oh and now we’ve got some domestic violence thrown into the mix.’ 

Many who tuned in were left confused as to why Penny then willingly gave her husband a hug, before resting her chin on his head (pictured)

One frustrated viewer took to Twitter and penned: ‘Totally unnecessary violence, abuse, and she hugged him! Not watching again’

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