The best exercise to tone your bum

Get fit in 15 minutes: Celebrity personal trainer reveals the best exercise to tone your bum

  • Nadya Fairweather suggests single leg clam exercises to tone your bum 
  • Amanda Hamilton recommends pairing with a diet rich in alpha-lipoic acid 
  • Emily Monckton reveals a selection of stylish fitness clothes for the work out


Let’s activate those glutes. To tone your bum, try single leg clams, says celebrity personal trainer Nadya Fairweather (

Put a timer on for 45 seconds on repeat. Standing on your left foot and holding a softly bent left knee, bend your right knee, lifting your right foot back, knees in line with each other — so that you look like a flamingo.

Slow and steady, lift and lower the right knee without lifting the right hip, isolating the glutes to control the movement. After 45 seconds repeat with the left leg. Try for three rounds on each side. On the fourth round, try lifting and pulsing to get the burn.

Celebrity personal trainer Nadya Fairweather suggests single leg clams to tone your bum


Your diet can help to whip your behind into shape, too, says nutritionist Amanda Hamilton (

Alpha-lipoic acid is a naturally-occurring substance in broccoli that can halt the hardening of collagen, so, alongside exercise, it might smooth out some of those dimples. It’s also known as a liver-loving food. Steamed broccoli is a great side to fish or lean chicken.

And while garlic is usually considered as an immune booster, it also aids blood circulation, helping the body to flush out toxins.

Cook with garlic, onions and tomatoes for a body and booty friendly meal.


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