The Daily Spike: A Canine Companion is born

Puppy born at Canine Companions facility named after Tyrus

Frequent ‘Daily Briefing’ contributor Tyrus was recently honored by having a puppy named after him at the Canine Companions facility.

Today is incredibly bittersweet. It’s my last day working at Fox News Channel in New York City. I’m moving to Berkeley, Calif., to live with my boyfriend, Chris, which is new and exciting. But I will dearly miss all my friends, who have become more like my family in my 20-plus years at Fox News.

A year and a half ago, some of my colleagues encouraged me to write this blog, and the response to it has been amazing. So first, thank you for reading. But it won’t be ending — I will continue to share updates on Spike, so please keep reading.

But there’s more: This blog will start to follow a new Canine Companions for Independence service-dog-in-training!

My show’s anchor, Dana Perino, has been incredibly supportive of Spike and Canine Companions for Independence. As a token of their appreciation, Canine Companions gave her the honor of naming a  puppy. Did she pick Jasper? Or Perino? Or W? Or Greg Gutfeld? Nope.

She picked Tyrus, after our favorite Friday guest.

As a token of their appreciation, Canine Companions gave Dana Perino the honor of naming a new service dog.
(Canine Companions for Independence)

Tyrus is one of Spike’s biggest fans, and has done great work with Canine Companions, raising both awareness and money. Tyrus was there for me at the ceremony on the day Spike and I said goodbye, and I could not have had a better shoulder to cry on.


And puppy Tyrus was born on Wednesday, Sept. 11. He’s a healthy lab puppy weighing about one pound. He also has three brothers and three sisters, and they are all beautiful. The puppies' mom, Oceana, has been lovingly caring for her pups since delivery.

I will have the honor of raising puppy Tyrus for Canine Companions. Raising Spike in New York City had a lot of challenges: crowds, weather, subways, elevators, loud noises. Raising Tyrus in Berkeley will certainly have its own set of challenges.  But it won’t have 3 a.m. potty runs in the snow.


You’ll be hearing a lot more about puppy Tyrus in the coming days. Stay tuned!

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