The new ways to get romantic with your other half this summer

It’s date night, but not as we know it! The new ways to get romantic with your other half this summer

Lockdown restrictions are easing but life definitely isn’t quite back to ‘normal’. Whatever that means.  

Over the last few months, we’ve all found ingenious ways to keep fit, keep in touch with our friends and family and even become extra creative in the kitchen and garden.  

One area that may we have struggled to amend for the realities of lockdown is dating.

If you don’t live with your beloved then you’ll have barely seen them at all and if you do live with your significant other, then you’ll no doubt have found it tricky to keep the romance alive. Especially if you’ve got little ones at home all the time too.   

So now that we have a few more freedoms, why not get back into dating?

It may not look exactly the same as it once did, but it’s still one of the most fun ways to spend our time.

Here are just a few ideas to get you started! 

A perfect picnic

Picnics are all the rage right now

Like virtual pub quizzes, going for a picnic has become the new standard when it comes to staying social.

Luckily, picnics are fun and are inherently romantic too, so make the ideal way to date your partner. 

Head to your nearest open space (being careful to stay distant from other groups), lay out a blanket or rug and enjoy canoodling under the sun (or stars).

Keep the food itself simple (and preferably easy to eat), but it’s definitely worth taking along a bottle of something special so it feels like a celebration. 

The perfect picnic look! 

A chic sunhat, the prettiest broderie anglaise dress and some on-trend woven mules = perfect picnic attire. 

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Dinner for two

Dining in is the new dining out

Don’t you miss going to restaurants? 

It doesn’t matter how smart, how expensive or how fashionable, we just miss going somewhere ELSE to eat. And having someone else do the cooking too.

So until we can finally head back to our favourite dinner spots, it’s up to us to make the best of dining for two at home.

If you have children then first and foremost you need to choose a night of the week, make sure they’re all in bed on time and make it all about you!

Then choose a room to have your romantic dinner in. Why not mix it up and eat in the spare room for a change? 

Whichever room it is, create some atmosphere with low lighting, soft music and some scented candles.

Shake up a cocktail and to really feel like you’re not at home, order in!

You could order ready to eat food to be delivered or opt for a box of ingredients for a recipe you can cook up together. 

And don’t be tempted to put a movie on. Just talk instead!

The cosy dinner for two duds

A little effort will go a long way for your romantic dinner for two. A lace trim camisole top, flattering jeans and cute pearl hair slides will do the trick.

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Go to the pub

The pub garden awaits… just remember to socially distance

Pubs! Remember those?

Some you could eat gourmet food in. Others had a great jukebox while others were just the place we’d congregate to have an evening of relaxed fun.

Well, they’re coming back people. Slowly but surely so why not support your local (safely) as it tries it’s best to reopen? 

Some pubs are now serving take away pints which you and your loved one can take to the nearest kerbside to enjoy in a carefree manner you’ve probably not experienced since being a student.

Others will be opening up for service in their gardens and open air areas soon, so show them (and your other half) some love by heading for a drink or two. 

A pretty pub get-up 

You’re going ‘out-out! So take the opportunity to rock a cute mini dress, a pair of Western ankle boots and yes, you’ll even get to take a bag out with you too! Bet you’d forgotten what one of those was for!

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Go to the movies

A vintage inspired drive-in movie you say? Yes please!

‘What’s that?’, we hear you cry. ‘Go to the movies?’

Yes, you heard us right.

While traditional cinemas are yet to re-open, the wonders of drive-in movie theatres are about to be revealed. 

Outdoor cinema screenings have been a major ‘thing’ for a few years now, but in the times of the pandemic they’ve been amended and upgraded to take into account the need for social distancing and extra safety precautions.

But to be honest, sitting in the comfy front seat of our car to watch a film is actually way more preferable to watching it from a rug on the ground, so we’re extremely excited about this retro-inspired innovation. 

Depending on who you book with, they can provide hampers and hot food delivered straight to your car bonnet, or, of course, you can pack up your own snacks and favourite drinks to take with you.

We’re sorry but there’s something very romantic about a drive-in movie with your beloved, so get booking!

The ideal drive-in dress

A drive-in movie is the perfect chance to rock a retro outfit.

Tie a printed headscarf, wear a form fitting bodycon number and cover up with a puffed sleeve denim jacket! Swoon.

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Go dancing

Dance like nobody’s watching…

In reality, one of the last spaces to get back to the way they were will be nightclubs.

After all, what’s a nightclub without the vibe of hundreds of people packed into the same room, dancing like crazy to the same tune?

So until we can get back to throwing some shapes on a dance floor, we’ll have to throw some shapes on our kitchen floor.

And you know, it could be worse. At least this way we get to control the playlist!

So, grab your dance partner, turn up the tunes, turn down the lights and dance like nobody’s watching. Because on this occasion they’re not.

But it’s still a great way to shake off some stress, let your hair down and bond with the one you love. You could even end with a slow dance…

The style for shaking your stuff

Show off your best moves in this adorable denim playsuit and spangly gold hoop earrings. Oh and hi-top trainers will ensure you can dance all night!

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