‘The Queen’s petulant grandson has turned his back on the royal family’

On her 21st birthday in 1947 Princess Elizabeth dedicated her life to serving her people.

In a radio address to the Commonwealth, the heir presumptive declared with dignity that “my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service”.

And in the seven decades since our tireless monarch has never wavered in her duty.

So today’s shock statement from her petulant grandson must have hit her in the solar plexus.

Harry has selfishly turned his back on the institution she has fought to modernise and secure for him and his children.

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And he didn’t even have the guts or decency to tell her, or his own father, of the bombshell he was about to drop in their laps.

The Sussexes strutted back from their extended holiday gushing about how keen they were to get back to work.

But it seems that “work” is to be reinventing themselves as celebrities in their own right… using Papa and Granny’s money.

And we are actually meant to believe this is all about lowering their profiles and their privacy.

Well, good riddance. I for one have had a bellyful of Harry’s eco-warrior hypocrisy.

The tragedy is he was once the most loved of the modern royals – from the moment he walked behind his mother’s coffin our hearts ached for him.

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Then he met Meghan. But boy, she changed our Harry.

And I’m fed up with her bleating about how hard it is for her being a new mom when everyone is picking on her.

And especially the outrageous suggestions that any criticism of her is racist.

They can bugger off to Canada, and we’ll concentrate on the pared-down monarchy represented by that photo of the Queen and her three living heirs.

Who all know the true meaning of public service.

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