The View Calls Out CNN, Jeffrey Toobin for His Return Following Indecent Zoom Exposure

“It was embarrassing and uncomfortable and manipulative,” said Joy — while Meghan McCain previously called his return “garbage.”

The women of “The View” had some thoughts about Jeffrey Toobin’s return to CNN last week, eight months after he was put on leave by the network following a Zoom meeting with The New Yorker in which he exposed himself.

While The New Yorker fired him following the incident — with Toobin claiming he didn’t realize his camera and microphone were on — he returned to the air at CNN last Thursday opposite Alisyn Camerota.

Ana Navarro, a frequent CNN contributor, was the first to sound off on Toobin’s resurgence at CNN on Monday’s episode of “The View,” after she was asked whether she was surprised to see him back.

“I’m not surprised he’s back on the air, but I will tell you, when I saw that interview, [I thought], ‘Oh god, how embarrassing, how humiliating,'” she explained. “I kept thinking to myself, ‘If I had to go on live TV and explain to the nation why I masturbated on a Zoom call, I think I’d rather go sell avocados under I-95 than get my job back on TV.'”

She went on to defend CNN’s decision a bit, saying that he “was not sexually harassing anybody” with his “accidental exposure.” She also pointed out that the Zoom call was for The New Yorker, not CNN, and he did face consequences at both outlets.

“If viewers don’t like it, they should make their voices known,” she added. “I think his bigger problem is frankly with himself, his family, his wife, than it is with his CNN colleagues. It’s not something that was done to us, it was something stupid, kinky, freaky that he did, but it wasn’t something he was trying to do to us, his CNN colleagues.”

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Joy Behar took issue with how CNN handled his return, criticizing the network for making him apologize and explain himself opposite a female coworker. She also didn’t believe a woman would get the same second chance if the situation were reversed.

“With all the men in CNN’s payroll, they had to give it to poor Alisyn Camerota? She didn’t deserve that. It was embarrassing and uncomfortable and manipulative,” said Behar, who went in to criticize his apology as well.

“He said he wants to be a better person, he’s working at a food bank. I don’t see the correlation between needing to engage Mr. Happy and being a bad person,” she said. “That would be everybody in the world, practically, would be a bad person for doing what he was doing at home, alone, in their house.”

“He didn’t know the thing was running of course, we forgive him for that,” she added. “I’m not judging the guy, it just goes to show how boring these Zoom meetings are, that he couldn’t even wait between meetings to get himself involved with himself.”

She then made a bit of a false equivalency between what Toobin had done and Louis C.K. and Al Franken, wondering where the line for redemption fell. While her point about C.K. and Franken was left uncontested — Meghan McCain was off today — Sunny Hostin continued with the “Where is the line?” train of thought.

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“We talk so much about cancel culture, what I like to call accountability culture. The line seems to be constantly shifting depending on the person involved,” she said. “I don’t know where the line is at this point. CNN decided not to cancel Jeffrey Toobin and now some people are up in arms and some people quite frankly missed his legal commentary.”

Navarro called out “people on the right” who have come down on CNN in the past week, saying anyone who has been “supporting a president who we all heard boast about sexual assault on tape and on video” has “no moral standing to get get faux outraged over Jeffrey Toobin doing what he did.”

Whoopi Goldberg ended the conversation saying she doesn’t want to be on a Zoom with anyone who forgets they’re “on a call and doesn’t turn their camera off.” She added, “I don’t wanna know what you’re doing. You wanna [censored], go someplace else. Think of the people who have to see it. Think about that. All of us should be very aware now, if our hands are wandering in a direction they shouldn’t be, check the camera.”

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While McCain was MIA, she has tweeted a bit about Toobin’s return.

“This is garbage. Why does the media protect these old white male dinosaurs in this industry? No woman on PLANET EARTH would be welcomed back on network tv after being caught masturbating in front of her colleagues,” she wrote. “What does working at a food bank have to do with this? How are women at @CNN expected to feel comfortable working with this pervert?”

When Megyn Kelly tweeted, “There is not a woman alive who could have done anything close to what Jeffrey Toobin did (not that one would) and kept her job. What a disgusting, incestuous boys’ club. So damned tired of it,” McCain also retweeted it adding, “SO F—ING TIRED OF IT!!!!”

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