These $40 Sunglasses Are About to Be Everywhere

It's been little more than two years since affordable sunglasses brand Privé Revaux launched, but it seems like just about everyone in Hollywood's worn the stylish shades, from Jennifer Lopez to Jessica Alba. Today, one of the partners behind the label, Ashley Benson, launched her own limited-edition line: the appropriately named Benzo Collection.

"I really wanted to include shapes that I would want to wear," Benson tells "I thought about what I would want to wear and also what would make people feel really stylish and cool." From that inspiration came three fun styles: the Victoria, the Olive, and the Planco.

The Victoria (that's Benson's middle name, by the way) is an oversize, rectangular-shaped frame with sharp, slanted corners. "I love a nice big pair of glasses for everyday wear," says Benson. The 29-year-old actress has already been spotted by the paparazzi wearing the large frames.

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Shop It: Benzo x Privé Revaux The Victoria, $40;

The Olive, named after Benson's dog, takes on the skinny cat-eye trend that celebs can't seem to get enough of.

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Shop It: Benzo x Privé Revaux The Olive, $40;

The Planco, which shares its name with Benson's close friend and publicist Sara Planco, is the standout piece in the collection. Those who want to take The Matrix look to the next level need these frames in their life. They're designed with small, rectangle frames and two crossbars: one gold and one clear. "I wanted to do something that felt really unique, so those were the one," Benson explains.

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Shop It: Benzo x Privé Revaux The Planco, $40;

All three pairs are definitely very different, but they've got one thing in common: the $40 price tag. If you're thinking about grabbing a pair, you might as well do so now because the Benzo x Privé Revaux styles are only available in limited quantities.

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