These Are The Biggest Brand Endorsements Of Dwayne The Rock Johnson

As one of the highest- paid actors in Hollywood, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has a net worth of $800 million. He’s skyrocketed from professional WWE wrestler to A-list star with hits like the Fast and Furious franchise, Skyscraper and The Scorpion King.

Johnson and his ex-wife Dany Garcia have their own production company, Seven Bucks, banking credits and benefits from every film he stars in, like Disney’s Jungle Cruise and the hit Netflix movie Red Notice, co-starring Ryan Reynolds.

While much of Johnson’s profit comes from films and television, another large portion is thanks to huge endorsement deals with the top of line as far as business goes. Check out the top endorsement brands that use Johnson’s famous face to sell their products.

8 Got Milk

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Nearly a decade ago, Johnson was already taking the endorsement deals by storm, appearing in the first-ever Milk campaign in a Super Bowl commercial. The company had witnessed sales dropping and chose to partner with the WWE star to bring home the idea that milk was full of protein and essential nutrients, fueling us for activity like Johnson deals with on the daily.


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Upon the release of Johnson’s Skyscraper film, he teamed up with NASCAR to cross-promote both high action, adrenaline rushing NASCAR racing and the new film coming to theaters. While NASCAR posted the clip and received several hundred likes, things went to the next level when Johnson re-tweeted it a few hours later. In fact, Johnson recently dethroned Kylie Jenner in highest paid social media posts, making a partnership with the superstar, super profitable.

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6 VOSS Water

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As an avid VOSS water fan and consumer of the brand for years, it made sense that Johnson would agree to promote and expand the product. Not only does he have ownership stake in the brand, as of 2019, Johnson serves as strategic adviser as the company expands and launches in international territories.

5 Apple

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In 2017, Apple was struggling against competitors like Google and Amazon, but hiring Johnson to film a movie-grade commercial was the answer to tout the many advantages of Siri. The basis for the commercial – follow the busiest man in Hollywood using the most adaptable voice service. They made such a production out it, Apple actually called the commercial “The Rock X Siri: Dominate The Day” in perfect Hollywood-like fashion.

4 Ford

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In one of the top three endorsement deals Johnson has signed, Ford asked him to serve as the Ford Ambassador of Service, highlighting their core values of trust, leadership, hard work, quality and service. In fact, according to Ford Authority, just last year, Johnson gifted his Ford F-150 Raptor to a Navy Veteran and over the years, he’s gifted a 2018 Ford Mustang GT to an Iraq War veteran and Purple Heart recipient among several others. It’s estimated the Walking Tall star earns $15 million annually from the deal.

3 Under Armour

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Known as one of the best-matched celebrity brand partnerships, of course Under Armour would choose the incredibly fit, popular and inspiring Johnson. The endorsement deal was sealed in 2016, with the Project Rock 1 sneaker releasing in the spring of 2018. In 2021, according to AFRO Tech, Johnson created an entire new line of clothing and shoes through Under Armour called “Outlaw Mana”. Other celebrities like NBA’s Stephen Curry’s deal with Under Armour was a lucrative $4 million but doesn’t touch the eye-popping agreements (an estimated $25 million per year) Johnson is able to land after becoming one of Hollywood’s most sought-after stars.

2 Seven Bucks Productions

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The production company owned by Johnson and his ex-wife Dany Garcia has a memorable story behind its name as well as the capability of changing the way Hollywood advertises permanently. The name Seven Bucks tells the story of Johnson, as a young student, striving to make it big and he only had $7 in his pocket at one point. With the launching of his production company however, Johnson was able to begin raking in the dough between overseeing production for a long list of movies and television shows as well as a lucrative social media platform. His decision to launch his own YouTube channel alone, created unique access for fans and celebrities alike.

1 Termana Tequila

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In March of 2020, Johnson partnered with like-minded Tequila lovers and created an affordable and delicious spirit. In the first 12 months, according to Celebrity Net Worth, the brand sold 300,000 cases and is on pace to sell 600,000 cases in 2022, making Termana Tequila a $3 billion company. To compare the world of spirit sales, when George Clooney sold his brand, Casamigos in 2017, it was selling 170,000 cases per year. Safe to say, Johnson’s product will make him a billionaire someday soon.

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