These Are The Richest SNL Hosts, Ever

So many budding actors and actresses probably remember the first time they were asked to appear as Saturday Night Live (SNL) host. For some, it’s a right of passage, cementing a career and to the world, that one is loved by audiences across the globe. After all, SNL has been around since 1975 and while the first hosts were often comedians like George Carlin, Lily Tomlin and Richard Pryor, today the host serves as a sort of who’s who of Hollywood.

Though some stars belong to the five-timers club, other celebrities can boast numerous hosting gigs like Steve Martin, John Goodman and Alec Baldwin (with a record of 17 host appearances).

On occasion, show creator Lorne Michaels may ask a famous face not seen in Hollywood, such as billionaire, Elon Musk, however one thing is for sure, most SNL hosts can boast a sizeable bank account.

Check out those that have stood on the SNL stage and have the largest net worth today.

10 Dolly Parton – $650 Million

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She’s loved by country music fans and non-country music fans alike due to her friendly and easy-going personality, popular songs and humanitarian work. It seems fitting that Dolly Parton would appear on the SNL stage in April of 1989 as host and musical guest. She laughed along with sketches like “Planet of the Enormous Hooters” and “Celebrity Restaurant.”

9 Dwayne Johnson – $800 Million

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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has appeared as SNL host a total of five times over the years, beginning in 2000 through 2017. He skyrocketed to fame with films like Scorpion King and the Fast and the Furious franchise. Though a skit spoofing The Rock’s wrestling days seemed like an easy land, at one point, Johnson told SNL writers that wrestling was off limits. He has since made another appearance and had fun with his past career.

8 Madonna – $850 Million

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At the top of her game, the “Like a Virgin” singer hosted the 11th season premiere of SNL in Nov. of 1985. The superstar did a Marilyn Monroe skit, Princess Di skit and poked fun at her recent wedding to actor Sean Penn. Even with a star-studded cast like Robert Downey Jr., Joan Cusack and Randy Quaid, the general consensus was that Madonna should keep her day job.

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7 Jerry Seinfeld – $950 Million

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According to Ranker, the world’s richest stand-up comedian has hosted SNL once in April of 1992 and again in Oct. 1999. Already known to take a joke and poke fun at just about anything, Seinfeld served as the perfect host, at one point, debating The Gap with ‘himself’ (Jimmy Fallon posed as a second Jerry).

6 George Steinbrenner – $1.4 Billion

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The businessman and previous principal owner of the New York Yankees appeared as host in Oct. 1990. According to Rolling Stone, Steinbrenner’s hosting gig goes down as one of the worst guests ever due to his lack of humor and refusal to participate in many of the writer’s ideas. In fact, comedian Conan O’Brien remembers Steinbrenner as a bully and simply not very funny. Steinbrenner owned the Yankees for 37 years until the time of his death in 2010.

5 Kim Kardashian – $1.4 Billion

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Kardashian made her SNL hosting debut in Oct. 2021. Though she didn’t have anything specific to promote, audiences have watched the Kardashian family for years and she didn’t shy away from making jokes at the family’s expense. She played a court judge, a bachelorette and joined in on a ladies’ night skit featuring all of the fun things about getting older.

4 Donald Trump – $2 Billion

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The former president and businessman hosted in April of 2004 and again pre-campaign in Nov. 2015. In one of the more controversial hosting gigs on SNL, according to The New York Post, Trump was joined by several versions of himself (Trump impersonators from the show) and didn’t hold back re-hashing old feuds, like the one with comedian and talk-show host Rosie O’Donnell.

3 Michael Jordan – $2.2 Billion

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In 1991, NBA star Michael Jordan hosted SNL. The Chicago Bulls had just won their first title earlier that summer and was a willing participant in all the antics that SNL skits seem to bring. His monologue included clips of commercials that Jordan could have sponsored, including a women’s hygienic product. According to comedian David Spade, the line for Jordan autographs was so long, it was slowing down rehearsals and was the first-time staff at SNL had to clear out fans from the building.

2 Oprah Winfrey – $3.5 Billion

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Who knew back in April of 1986 that the famed talk-show host would become one of the most famous (and richest) women in the world? All SNL knew was her popularity stemming from Oscar nominations for her role in The Color Purple and the launch of her own show made her a good bet for a successful evening. Winfrey clearly jumped in with both feet, participating in a range of sketches.

1 Elon Musk – $250 Billion

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The tech entrepreneur, investor and engineer appeared as SNL host in May of 2021. The choice surprised many due to his serious, scientific resume, but like all hosts, Musk played along, appearing as a Wario, a cowboy, a dogecoin hypebeast and an awkward guy at a party. He apparently does have a sense of humor and the overall sketch comedy scene turned out to be another place Musk fits in nicely.

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