This $60 wand will make giving your dog a bath so much easier

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Whether you take your dog to the groomer or just set up shop in your backyard, there is literally nothing like the look of betrayal you get when your dog realizes it’s bath time.

Even breeds known for their love of water will put up a fight during bath time; they cry, they shake, they bark, and although heartbreaking, their odor is worth the hour of combat. 

However, one piece from Walmart may just be the answer to all pet owner’s prayers. The Waterpik Wand is a professional-grade attachment for your shower or hose that is made for animals with thick fur. Unlike a hose, which applies water pressure to one area, this $60 product disperses the water to sweep away soap in one motion. Plus, the pressure can be adjusted for more sensitive areas like the face, keeping pets calm and comfortable during bathtime. 

Waterpik Pet Wand

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It’s no surprise that the product has nearly perfect reviews, with many customers claiming it changed bathtime from a hassle to a five-minute production.

Wrote one reviewer, “I have a 35-pound dog who can find every reason not to be in that bathtub. But the very first washing with this, she loved the soothing effect it had and stayed put! She even sat down for it! AND it only took five minutes to wash her!”

“I absolutely love it! It was very easy to use, and does a great job washing my dog! Couldn’t ask for a better product!” said another. 

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