This Handbag Trend Is So Major Rihanna Packed 5 of Them in Her Carry-On

If I could trade closets with any celeb, it'd definitely be Rihanna. Even her relaxed airport outfits are fancy AF. Seriously — just look at her latest look.

Rihanna would never ever wear a no-name hoodie. Instead, she flexed on all of us in a Dior design (fancy, right?), which was paired with a Balenciaga coat ($4,400;, Prada combat boots, a Celine tote bag in one hand, and a limited-edition Rimowa x Off White Carry-On in the other.

I told you. No chill.

The designer labels didn't stop there. If you had any doubts about which handbag brand is the absolute biggest right now, Rihanna's see-through luggage just confirmed that it's, no doubt, Bottega Veneta. Zoom in on the clear carry-on and you'll notice that it's packed to the brim with the brand's coveted purses. It's hard to tell exactly how many are in Rihanna's carry-on, but thanks to the zoom function on my computer and the camera man, who skillfully captured a few great angles, I can see at least five colors in her transparent suitcase: a pink, a yellow, and a green pouch, a blue padded bag, and a red clutch — all Bottega Veneta creations.

I totally understand why Rihanna didn't check her luggage or let one of her assistants grab it for her. The fluffy, cloud-like and basket-weave pouches inside are THE most in-demand handbags around right now. The tan pouffy Bottega Veneta bag, which I absolutely adore (and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley carries with almost every outfit), keeps selling out. Thankfully, retailers are constantly moving fast to keep up with the demand for Bottega Veneta bags. Orchard Mile, one of my go-to websites for hard-to-find designer items, just re-stocked several colors. Even Nordstrom recently added a few colorways to its inventory, including a mini Bottegea Veneta pouch that's so much more affordable than the bigger version.

If we can't get an album from Rihanna (yes, I'm salty), at least we can enjoy one of her trendy bags.

Bottega Veneta Pouch Bag Trend

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Bottega Veneta Padded Bag

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Bottega Veneta The Lauren Clutch

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