This nomad couple transforms vans into mobile homes

No Place Like Home profiles people who swapped the conventionalities of modern living for nomadic, off the grid homes and lifestyles. Each episode looks at some of the most interesting places that people across the country call home — from vans to sailboats! 

Bre and Lacey made the move from a regular home in California to life on the road, traveling across the country in their personalized sprinter van. Today, the couple has created a business out of transforming classic vans into mobile homes!

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13 PHOTOSNo Place Like Home: Bre and LaceySee GalleryNo Place Like Home: Bre and LaceyBelieve it or not, Lacey and I actually get asked if we’re sisters ???. Particularly when we’re holding hands. When we got engaged, gay marriage was still not legal in California where we live. We’ve experienced more discrimination and bias toward our relationship than any couple should. But it only made us realize how much we love each other. What continues to surprise us is the support, love and acceptance we get from our IG fam. Thank you all for all the love. We hope we inspire you to pursue your passions, despite what others think they should be. It has definitely worked out for us in all areas of our lives ❤️ #pridemonth #thevanlifeapp #love #happywifehappylife #lgbtq? #homeonwheels #prideHappy Sunday!!! ?: @travywild .#marriedlife #vanlife#vanlifediaries #vanlifemovement #tinyhousemovement #liveyourdream #homeonwheels #wanderlust #roadtrip #getoutside #vanvibes #glampingI’m excited to announce that this weekend Bre and I got some much needed sleep, meditation time, and relaxation… also some adventure! Friday evening we took off toward Rancho Santa Fe area and spent the night at the beach. The next morning we met a couple friends and an awesome mountain biking company, @mtbcornering, to learn how to be a super sweet mountain biker. We learned so much about how to maneuver the bike, positioning, how to stop correctly, and how to turn correctly (or corner is what it’s called… MTB CORNERING… get it? Cornering around corners! So cool). After learning more and more speed and feeling more confident, we took lunch at a sushi spot to talk tech :). Excited to get back on a mountain. Sunday I basically was in bed all day sore. I felt like the day after my first snowboard lessons at age 12. Anyway, it was really nice getting away. Bre and I needed this relaxing and adventurous weekend in Lady the van. PS that’s my awesome new rainbow blanket and my new sunflower pants that I’m in love with. If you catch me on a day wearing those two things, you know I’m in my element… especially if I’m napping watching the ocean out of our awesome van windows.“I want to ride my bicycle!” OH my goodness, I am in love with our new bikes! Being entrepreneurs for two businesses, you get caught in doors and using your mind A LOT!!! These bikes have given us a new freedom in addition to the van. We just pack them on our super sweet bike rack, park and work remotely, and then hop on the bikes for some exercise and nature during break time. I’m about to take a class on downhill riding and cornering (turning around corners) too! Mountain biking is huge in the vanlife community and I now see why. It’s so much fun and we get some good quality time in with each other. Breanne has been asking me to get bikes with her for years now and I resisted… why? Money, time, storage… all the usual suspects. Well, we got these for her birthday this year and it was a superb decision. Thank you, amazing woman who is so intelligent! Next time maybe I’ll listen sooner ;). .Do you mountain bike!? Do you suggest any beginner trails for us for summer riding?We’ve been working so hard this past year to help other people live their dreams with @sdcampervans and @thevanlifeapp that we forgot to live it ourselves. The hardest stages of starting these businesses seem to be over, and we’re getting the chance to get back to our roots – ourselves. The hard work is worth it, though. We literally couldn’t imagine building a better life for ourselves than what we’re building now, but its time to start doing what we help other people do: live our dreams and pursue happiness. .Thank you all for your support and encouragement. With the right intentions, and a clear vision, you can achieve anything, and we hope we can inspire you all to try. #startuplife #entrepreneurlife #liveyourbestlife #vanlife #vanlifemovement #liveyourdream #homeonwheels #wanderlust #roadtrip #getoutside #vanvibes #glamping #womenontheroad #sheexplores #strongwomen #vanlifeideas #homeiswhereyouparkit#vanlifesociety #vanlifestyle #vanlifeculture #minimalism #optoutside #projectvanlife #rvlife #adventuremobile #vanlifers #campvibesWe’re in Big Bear today and tomorrow for Adventure Van Expo To represent SD Campervans -The Home You WANT for the Adventure You NEED. Beautiful weather and beautiful people. We came straight from SD Startup Week to attend this fabulous event and I am so glad we made it. Neil with @adventurevanexpo did an amazing job hosting and it’s really nice to see all of our van build friends here to share in the experience. If there’s one business world where people really collaborate, it’s this one?. Thank you to everyone we met for the first time or again today. You really make what we all do to help our community enjoyable. On another side of Cali, Bre spent time at our Fiesta Island Vanlife Gathering where they did yoga, a cleanup (@thevanlifeapp adopted Fiesta Island!), a potluck, and much more… ending with the fabulous ‘bond’-fire. Missed you all down there! One more day for Adventure Van Expo!! See you tomorrow from 10:00-2:00??!I found my pot of gold ?❤️Her name is Lacey.? by @cheynemybarra ..#loveyou #happywifehappylife #loveconquersall#campervan #vanlifemovement #lovelife #happilymarried #glamping #homeiswhereyouparkit #homeiswhereyouare2018 was filled with struggle and sacrifice. Struggle to accomplish big things and sacrificing balance to make them a reality. In all honesty, although we’ve accomplished soooooooo much (building two amazing businesses: @sdcampervans and @thevanlifeapp) 2018 was one of the hardest, most emotionally tolling, years of our lives. .Would we change it? Absolutely not! Because all we can do is learn and grow. For NYE, we spoiled ourselves by staying in a lux hotel in downtown Denver, ordering room service, and cuddleing up in our warm, comfy PJs. We usually set goals on NYE, but this year we made a promise to each other. Our promise is to find balance again. In both of our businesses, our primary mission is to help people achieve the life balance they want, but in doing so, we have been neglecting our own. .We know we can continue to build thriving business and lives at the same time. We are dedicating ourselves to balance in 2019. Sustainable, self-loving, balance..What are your goals for 2019?…….#vanlife#vanlifediaries #vanlifemovement #tinyhousemovement #liveyourdream #homeonwheels #wanderlust #roadtrip #getoutside“You and I, we’re not tied to the groundNot falling but rising like rolling around Eyes closed above the rooftopsEyes closed, we’re gonna spin through the stars Our arms wide as the skyWe gonna ride the blue all the way to the end of the worldTo the end of the world”- Dave Matthews Band (our first dance)#happywifehappylife #marriedlife #pride? #loveconquersall #traveltogether #lgbtAnnouncement time!!!! Lacey and I got a new van to convert into our next home on wheels!!!!! It’s a ford Transit 148 extended passenger van (for the windows). We’re so excited to get this build under way!! Question for all of you: should we do a video build series?? What are your thoughts? .#vanlife #vanlifediaries #projectvanlife #vanlifeideas #vanlifemovement #tinyhousemovement #homeonwheels #wanderlust #roadtrip #getoutside #vanvibes #glamping #vanlifeideas #homeiswhereyouparkit #vanlifesociety #vanlifeculture #optoutside #projectvanlife #rvlife #adventuremobile #vanlifers #campvibes #1000contemporarynomads #vancrush #ontheroad #tinyhouse #livingsmall #outboundliving #diycamper #customvan #vanconversionMore of these days, please ?If you haven’t done it in a while, you should have one of these days this weekend. We dare you ?#liveyourbestlife #liveyourdreams #morelifeSince we met 8 years ago, we’ve been “tied at the hip”, but Vanlife, even just part time, has brought us so much closer. We didn’t even think it was possible, but it did. It could be the combination of a small space and complete freedom? Whatever it is, we’re so grateful.Happy 5 year anniversary to us! I love this woman. We’ve been friends for 12 years, together for 10, and now married for 5!! Wow! So I want to take a moment to say happy anniversary to my beautiful wife and life partner. Whatever goal or dream we have, we make reality. How utterly cool is that? Life has been one adventure after another and I’m so glad to be able to share the experiences with each other.You’re just such a genuinely good person. You do so much for others, especially me. Together we make the best team ever and can tackle anything that comes our way with grace. To 100, babe! ❤️?❤️Up Next

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