This week’s McDonald’s deals revealed – including 99p Big Mac

MCDONALD'S fans can tuck into a second week of deals as the fast food chain announces this week's offers – including a 99p Big Mac.

Hungry customers have to use the Maccies app to play games in order to access a bargain bite.

The fast food giant has launched different offers to cover the entire month of April.

Last week, fans could tuck into popular menu items like chicken nuggets, the quarter pounder with cheese, the triple cheeseburger, and more.

But don't worry if you didn't have the chance to swing by, because this week's deals have been announced – and they're just as tasty.

Customers redeem the discounted items by playing different games on the Maccie's app which is free to download via the Apple or Google play store.

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Those who don't have the My McDonald's app won't be able to participate or be rewarded with the offers.

The deals won't be available at the counter of your local McDonald's branch either, nor will you be able to get money off Uber Eats orders.

But those ordering a McDelivery will be able to redeem the cheaper treats.

Just note that the delivery charge can add an extra £3.99 to your bill.

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What are this week's McDonald's offers?

At the end of each day each deal resets to a new one, meaning you won't be able to stash that particular day's offer for a later date – so make sure you use it up.

Kicking off this week's set of deals is 15% off all orders on Monday 11 April.

Don't worry if you can't make a trip today though, because this offer returns on Thursday April 14.

The lunch time menu is available from 11am every day, so keep that in mind before popping over.

Here's a handy breakdown of this week's offers.

Monday April 11

  • 15% off all orders – no minimum spend

Tuesday April 12

  • 99p Filet-O-Fish – Normally: £3.19 Save: £2.20
  • £1.49 three piece chicken selects  – Normally: £3.29 Save: £1.80

Wednesday April 13

  • 99p Big Mac – Normally: £3.89 Save: £2.90
  • 99p Quarter Pounder with cheese – Normally: £4.99 Save: £4
  • 99p McPlant burger – Normally: £3.99 Save: £3

Thursday April 14

  • 15% off all orders – no minimum spend

Friday April 15

  • 49p cheeseburger – Normally: 99p Save: 50p
  • 99p Creme Egg McFlurry – Normally: £1.39 Save: 40p
  • 99p Filet-O-Fish – Normally: £3.19 Save: £2.20
  • £1.49 three piece chicken selects  – Normally: £3.29 Save: £1.80

Saturday April 16

  • 99p chicken nuggets (six box) – Normally: £4.09 Save: £3.10
  • 99p Triple cheeseburger – Normally: £2.39 Save: £1.40
  • 49p Chicken mayo – Normally: 99p Save: 50p
  • 99p Creme Egg McFlurry – Normally: £1.39 Save: 40p

Sunday April 17

  • 99p Quarter Pounder with cheese – Normally: £4.99 Save: £4
  • 49p Hamburger – Normally: 99p Save: 50p
  • £1.49 Spicy Veggie Wrap – Normally £1.99 Save: 50p

How do I claim these offers?

After you've downloaded the app, you have to play a game to redeem an offer.

Scroll down to the bottom and click the tap to play icon.

Once you've participated, you will either be given the choice between offers, or one offer will be chosen for you at random.

Then add that day's offer to your basket and checkout with either the collect option or McDelivery option.

Each person can only claim one offer a day, so you'll have to choose which reward you fancy the most.

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