Thrifty mum shares super cheap toy box hack to keep the house tidy

Are you tired of stepping on your children’s toys every night and wishing that your home had more storage space?

No need to move – a thrifty mum has just come up with an excellent hack that will save you time, money and space.

Laura, a 30-year-old admin worker from Wigan, was fed up of constantly finding her children’s in the lounge room during lockdown, but had nowhere to put them.

And prices for storage units ranged from £50 onwards, which wasn’t appealing.

The clever mum took matters into her own hands and, with the help of staple gun, fashioned a toy box out of two Ikea tables that she had at home, four mending plates and a bungee cord, purchased at B&Q.

The project cost her £9.99 in total and took just half an hour to make.

‘My kids have been getting their soft toys out a lot during lockdown,’ she told LovetheSales.

‘But they are little terrors at leaving toys on the lounge room floor.

‘Inspiration struck when I was looking to buy a toy box for the kids on Ikea, most of them ranging from £50 upwards for a large storage box.

‘But instead of spending the money, I challenged myself to create something just as good.’

‘We had two cheap Ikea tables that were destined for the skip, I thought if I could get something that covered the sides, it would make for a perfect storage unit. I then bought 20 metres of bungee cords from B&Q.’

‘I attached the two tables at the legs using four mending plates, cut the correct bungee length and stapled it to the bottom of the tables, and hey presto it was finished.

‘The whole project took less than half an hour to complete and now the kids have a fun toy box to store their soft toys.

‘I’m so glad I did it, the thought of DIY is worse than actually doing it, and it was very rewarding when finished.’

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