TikTok users terrified after woman's EYEBALL pops out in childbirth

New mother horrifies TikTok by revealing her EYEBALL popped out during childbirth because she pushed so hard

  • Bethany Collins, 23, was shocked when childbirth caused her eye to pop out
  • Pressure build up forced her eye out and it took six weeks to go back in its socket
  • Sharing a video of her ordeal on TikTok she later received 1.8 million views
  • Commenters were left horrified and swore it had put them off childbirth for life

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after revealing that her eyeball popped out during childbirth.

Bethany Collins, 23, a stay-at-home mother from Indiana, suffered from a rare side effect while giving birth to her daughter, Phoebe Belle.

Despite being given a drug to stimulate her uterus to contract, her labor wasn’t progressing and the baby’s heart rate was dropping so she was given an epidural and started to push as hard as she could. 

The pressure was so intense that she felt a popping sensation and after being handed her baby daughter, she could hardly see and immediately asked her husband: ‘Is my eyeball really in my head?’

Her left eyeball was bulging out and it becamse worse overnight, and took weeks to go back to normal.  

Bethany Collins got the shock of her life when her eyeball popped out of its sockets during childbirth

The new mother reported feeling a pressure behind her left eye, but was assured by doctors that it was still inside her head

Bethany’s cervix wasn’t opening during labour and doctors had to give her Pitocin, which helps to stimulate the uterus muscles and cause contractions

One TikTok commenter was appalled by Bethany’s eye injury and swore never to have a child of their own

After going into labor, Bethany was given Pitocin, which helps to stimulate the uterus muscles and cause contractions, in an attempt to speed up the process.

Despite this, her cervix still wasn’t opening and, as she was suffering from severe contractions and the baby’s heart rate was dropping, so she decided to have an epidural.

Bethany began pushing with all her strength to help deliver the baby, but soon realized that she had been pushing too hard – because her eyeball popped out.

‘I heard a pop and asked the doctor, “Is my eyeball still in my head?”,’ Bethany recalled.

Later, Bethany opened up about her experience in a video that gained 1.8 million views and over 260,000 likes

Phoebe’s heart rate was dropping during labour but was promptly checked by doctors and found to be okay

‘He said yes, but I opened my eyes and everything was blurry. I felt so much pressure in my left eye, but I pushed again for the third time and she came.

‘They took her to make sure she was okay, before handing her over to me.

‘I asked my husband, “Is my eyeball really in my head? It can’t be – I feel so much pressure and I can barely see anything, something has to be wrong”.

‘He said that it was definitely poking out more than the one, but it wasn’t too bad.’

After 10 minutes, her eye started to poke out even further and only got worse overnight.

As she was being stitched up, the doctor commented that he had never seen this happen before, so called an optometrist to take a look.

While delivering her baby, Phoebe, she heard a pop and asked the doctor if her eyeball was still in her head

Ten minutes after giving birth, her eye started to poke out even further and only got worse overnight

As she was being stitched up, the doctor commented that he had never seen this happen before, so called an optometrist to take a look

Bethany said: ‘I told him [I wasn’t in any pain] but he just continued looking at my eye.

‘I had pretty much the whole unit come and look too. I became the talk of the unit that day.

‘My sweet nurse asked if I wanted a patch, so I could at least see out of my good eye without any interference. 

‘She got me a pack of nipple covers and I used them instead.

‘The next day, the optometrist looked at my eye and also commented that he had never seen something like this before.

It took six weeks for Bethany’s eye to return to normal and enter back into its socket, during which se suffered from bruising

The optometrist informed Bethany he hadn’t seen anything like it before and surmised that it had been due to pressure

‘Ultimately, the final verdict was that there was just a lot of pressure from the force of the push, so said to wait and see if it would go back.

‘I noticed improvements at the two-week mark and it was like I got a black eye. It was protruding and bruised.

‘It took six weeks for my eye to finally flush back into my face and even it out with the other, but I really thought I was doomed.

‘Things are now great, as I have a beautiful two-month-old baby girl and two normal eyeballs.’

Life has looked up since the eyeball incident, Phoebe is healthy and two months old and Bethany’s eyes are back to normal

The new mother noticed improvements at the two-week mark and described it to be like a black eye, protruding and bruised

It took three pushes for Bethany to deliver Phoebe, with the second push being the culprit for her injury 

Despite seeing the end result of Phoebe being born healthily, Bethany’s TikTok video put many young viewers off having children entirely

Bethany shared a video of her ordeal on TikTok and has since received 1.8 million views and over 260,000 likes on the video.

What is ‘purple pushing’?

During labor, mothers are sometimes advised to hold their breath for the count of 10 during contractions and then push as hard as they can.  

So-called purple pushing, also known as directed pushing, gets its name from the image of a mother in labor going purple in the face while capillaries in the eye burst. 

But it’s not considered best practice, and can deprive the body of oxygen, cause stress to mother and baby, increase the risk of perineal tears, and weaken the pelvic floor muscles, as well as broken capillaries in the face and eyes.

Source: verywellfamily.com 

She begins by lip syncing: ‘I think I would look so sexy pregnant’ before revealing a picture of her after giving birth.

Bethany is shown with one eye falling significantly lower than the other one, as the text reads: ‘My eye popped out while I was pushing.’

As she poses with her newborn, the eye can clearly be seen protruding outward.

‘New fear unlocked,’ one viewer commented.

Another person added: ‘Hi ma’am I’m 6 months pregnant and I need u to keep things like this to urself.’ [sic]

‘This is why I closed my eyes,’ someone else wrote.

One person said: ‘Nicki Minaj keep an eye out for selener.’

‘I’m never having a child,’ another viewer commented.

Someone offered a piece of preventative advice, by saying: ‘Guys – avoid “purple pushing” where you’re instructed to hold your breath while pushing. 

‘Breathe however feels best and you can avoid this.’ 

TikTok commenters were horrified by Bethany’s eye-popping story with one person advising not to hold ones breath while pushing

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