Tricky brainteaser challenges puzzlers to find the 10 cyclists

Tricky brainteaser challenges puzzlers to find the 10 cyclists in the bustling scene of people travelling around town – but can YOU beat the two-minute record?

  • Fletchers Solicitors, created the puzzle that depicts a bustling scene of people
  • Can you spot the 10 cyclists or motorcyclists heading into town? 
  • The current record stands at two minutes – but can you find it any quicker? 

Think you’re the most eagle-eyed driver in town? Why not put this to the test with this colourful ‘spot the cyclist’ brainteaser?

The graphic, created by Fletchers Solicitors, depicts a bustling scene of people travelling around town.

Hidden amongst pedestrians, as well as those travelling by car and van, are ten cyclists or motorcyclists to spot.

So, can you find all 10 cyclists in under two minutes?

This graphic (pictured), created by Fletchers Solicitors, challenges you to find all 10 cyclists in under two minutes 

The bike injury specialists have released this challenging brainteaser to highlight the importance of drivers being aware of cyclists on the road.

The law firm has also revealed some of the top locations that put motorcyclists and cyclists at risk of accidents, which have been worked into the brainteaser to educate drivers and cyclists alike. 

Some common locations that accidents occur include: Bus lanes Across cycle lanes Amongst congested traffic Junctions which cross cyclist’s paths The area just following a red traffic light. 

So,  have you managed to find the 10 hidden cyclists yet? Scroll down to reveal all.

If you’re struggling to find all ten, then take a look above to find the answers circled 

Having great attention to detail is key when being a successful lawyer, but how well does yours match up to the courtroom pros?

Another mind-boggling puzzle has left lawyers, and the internet, stumped.

Schmidt and Clark created the puzzle that portrays a crowd of judges on their benches, with one key element missing.

Can you spot the judge who’s lost their gavel?  

Schmidt and Clark created the puzzle that portrays a crowd of judges on their benches, with one key element missing. Can you spot the judge who’s lost their gavel?

You’ll really need to focus to find it!

If you want to beat Schmidt and Clark’s team of lawyers, you’ll have to spot it in less than 38 seconds.

Given up already – see below for the solved puzzle image.

Another playful new seek-and-find puzzle challenges you to find the only zebra that doesn’t have a pair.  

The lawyer without the gavel can be seen towards the left-hand side of the busy graphic (pictured) 

The vibrant brainteaser is the work of Hungarian viral cartoonist Gergely Dudas, better known as Dudolf, who has built up a devoted online following.

In this puzzle, players must look at the zebra and identify the odd-one-out. 

To make things even trickier, Dudolf has made only the slightest changes between the animals’ markings so you’ll really have to be eagle-eyed to spot the difference.  

The black and white colour scheme makes things tough too. 

Struggling to find the one zebra without a mate? Try looking towards the lower half of the image. 

Still having difficulty? Then scroll down for the reveal.   

It comes after another seek-and-find puzzle challenged you to spot the sock hiding in a pile of laundry. 

British appliance company AEG have created this visual challenge, which requires extreme concentration to solve.  

The current champion found the solo sock, which doesn’t have a pair like the others, in under 35 seconds. 

Do you think you have what it takes to find the sock in less time and take the crown?

Can you spot the solo sock hidden amongst this load of laundry? Let us know if you can find it under 35 seconds and beat the record

The sock is hidden in laundry load, mixed with sweaters, t-shirt and underwear

Struggling to locate it? Focus on the small items in the drawing, like sunglasses and bras. 

Still no luck? Try to go upward from the bottom of the picture. 

If you think you’ve find the sock, or are just done search, scroll down to see the answer.  

Ta=dah! The sock was hidden behind this pair of sunglasses and next to a bikini top in the same fabric 

While brainteasers that challenge puzzlers to spot the hidden object are wildly popular, this next picture puzzle offers something a little different. 

Challenging puzzle fans to spot the correct water source for a shower, it’s causing even the most eagle-eyed players to stumble.

The test involves tracing the water source along the pipe leading back to the shower at the centre of the brainteaser, and speed is of the essence. 

According to the creators it takes an average of 34 seconds to solve correctly, but do you have what it takes to set a new record?

Scroll down for reveal 

British company Mira Showers, has created a brainteaser that challenges players to identify the correct water source 

Those whose observation skills are a little rusty, should be able to solve the puzzle,  created by Mirs Showers, by tracing the line connected to the shower back to its source.  

If you’re unable to work out the challenge, try taking a closer look at where the line from water source C leads to.

Many other mind-boggling brainteasers have been created to keep observation skills sharp.   

If you follow the path connected to the water source backwards, C is revealed as the correct source in the busy puzzle 

An eco-friendly plastic company has challenged puzzlers to find all 12 recyclable items hidden in the kitchen. 

British-based company HLP Klearfold hopes to raise awareness a brainteaser which encourages players to open their eyes to what items can be recycled. 

So, do you think you have what it takes to find all 12 recyclable products hidden in the kitchen below? 

The record time to beat is 15 seconds, and keen observation will be needed to complete the brainteaser even faster. 

Are you a recycling whizz? Do you think you can find the 12 recyclable items in the kitchen in this brainteaser from British eco-friendly packaging company HLP Klearfold?

Scan all the items in the kitchen and think about which one belongs in the waste bin, and those which should go in the recycling. 

Feeling a bit stuck? You’re not alone, research by HLP Klearfold found that consumers in the UK want more advice when it comes to recycling. 

Need a bit of extra help? Some of these items may look like they should be recycled, but not all of them do. 

Give up? Scroll down to see how you fared and learn more about good recycling habits. 

Here are the answers? How did you fare? Did you beat the record time of 15 seconds? Let us know in the comments

While spring has been a bit of a washout so far, another fiendishly difficult seek-and-find challenge will treat puzzlers to the sight of a colourful garden in full bloom.

The challenge, featuring an array of colourful blooms challenges players to spot the white lily hiding among the roses and blue hydrangeas.

The brainteaser created by UK-based company Reassured will put even the most eagle-eyed puzzlers to the test. 

The puzzle takes the average person 32 seconds to complete – but can you solve it any quicker? Scroll down to try your luck.   

A fiendishly tricky new seek-and-find puzzle challenges players to spot the lily hiding among the roses

Still looking among the clusters of blue and yellow flowers? Scroll down to find the answer circled in red.

Another new challenge created by London-based company Free Office Finder has a record time of 64 seconds to beat. 

It challenges players to spot the computer mouse hiding among the office equipment.

Still looking for the lily among the roses and clusters of blue and yellow flowers? It’s located on the right 

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