'Vasectomy Mayhem' is Too Close to 'March Madness', NCAA Officially Complains

In case you’re confused: One encourages bouncing balls — the other doesn’t.

The NCAA has filed an official trademark complaint against a group of urologists in Virginia over their “Vasectomy Mayhem” promotion.

According to the National Collegiate Athletic Association, Virginia Urology are cutting it a little too close to their “March Madness” tournament — which they own full marketing rights to.

The clever marketing strategy, which the clinic has actually been employing for more than a decade, offers men a way of lying on the sofa for three days watching basketball while they recover — and your wife will actually be happy about it.

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“Here’s a genius hoops madness idea,” one of their cheeky ads suggests. “In order to legitimately spend three days on the couch watching hoops, wife totally supporting your lounging? Call Virginia Urology right now and schedule your… vasectomy. Hey, no better time to get it done!”

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While they were careful in their old ads never to mention the tournament by name, they would go on to take a further step and update “Vasectomy Madness” to “Vasectomy Mayhem”.

In September, the group applied to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and was granted copyright of “Vasectomy Mayhem”.

But last month the NCAA took issue and filed an appeal, their lawyers arguing it would “result in confusion, mistake or deception with petitioner and/or the goods and services marketed in connection with the NCAA,” NBC reported.

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However lawyers for Virginia Urology told the broadcaster he’s confident the complaint will be thrown out.

“We don’t think anyone has confused our vasectomy ads with any other organization,” Dominic Madigan said. “We are disappointed with this costly and unnecessary legal challenge, but will remain focused on caring for our community.”

The tournament, which was cancelled last year due to the coronavirus pandemic, returns this Thursday.

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