Very happy in love: Kate Middleton and Williams tactile body language is unusual

Kate Middleton’s personality has ‘parallels’ to Queen says expert

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Kate Middleton has carried out various engagements since becoming part of the Royal Family. What could her body language with Prince William show?

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge did not step out together very often when they were dating.

After their wedding in 2011, however, Kate took on a senior working role.

In this, she has worked both by herself and with royals.

Body language expert Judi James spoke to about their relationship.

She claimed they have become a “power couple” in the Royal Family.

“The couple’s body language does seem to define them as a true royal power couple,” Judi explained.

She suggested they achieved this status over the years and have shown increased public affection.

“Kate and William’s PDAs have been rare and subtle,” she continued.

“But their even-handed mirroring traits and their subtler tie-signs and fun competitiveness have shown more dimensions in terms of romantic affection.

“The Cambridge’s PDAs have increased with time, but their initial masking was probably more down to William’s passionate desire to avoid soap opera publicity.”

The parents-of-three don’t often show public affection when they are working.

However, they may still show more “romantic signs” than others who have been married the same amount of time.

“For a long-term married couple, their connection signals make them appear even more openly romantic together than what is usual,” the expert told

“In public, William keeps close to Kate and often guides her gently in front of him, showing off he is proud of his wife with rare public affection.”

During one recent outing, the Duke showed “pride” in his wife.

Judi claimed: “William’s hand gestures suggest he gently steers Kate to walk ahead with a sense of pride and admiration.

“His tactile behaviour includes another affectionate back-touch with a splayed hand.”

Prince William’s delight is reciprocated by his wife, Judi suggested.

She said: “Kate’s excited eye expression and her wide, dimpled smile suggest genuine, congruent pleasure at being in her husband’s company.

“His beaming and at times slightly shy smile plus his softened features do suggest he’s very happily in love.”

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