Wanted woman calls out cops for using ‘trailer trash’ mugshot of her

A wanted Aussie woman couldn’t hold her tongue after police posted a “trailer trash” mugshot of her on Facebook — attracting hundreds of comments.

Police in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, shared the “most recent image” they had of Tiffany-Anne Brislane, 23, who is being hunted for alleged stealing offenses.

The 2015 image shows Brislane with her hair in a bun and a tattoo on her collarbone that reads: “We don’t remember days, we remember moments.”

The police asked for comments relating to her whereabouts only.

“Please refrain from comments that are prejudicial or offensive,” they wrote.

However, hundreds of disparaging comments soon followed and Brislane decided to hit back.

“Loving the photo taken how many years ago,” she sarcastically wrote overnight. “Let’s calm down on the comments guys.

“It’s not every day I look like trailer trash. Let’s just say it wasn’t a good angle shall we.”

Newcastle police responded by writing: “(It’s) probably time you walk into a police station before we find you.”

Brislane then took to her personal Facebook page, where she uploaded an “actual pic of me.”

“Here’s an actual pic of me,” she wrote. “Let’s take the time to acknowledge this is not my current Newcastle police page photo they’ve decided to upload from 2015.”

Brislane’s family members have also posted on the thread, lashing out at the “nasty” comments.

“Noone knows what happened the day of this photo and if they knew half of the reasons for it and if they did they would be disgusted in their comments,” one relative wrote.

“For Christ’s sake I pray none of you ever have a family member or friend in this situation because most of you are just plain downright nasty,” another person wrote.

“This is someone’s daughter, sister, loved one. Have a heart please.”

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