Wealthy teen, 19, takes the bus for the first time in his life

Multimillionaire’s son, 19, who boasts his own chauffeur and a £264,000 Rolls Royce takes the bus for the first time ever on Rich Kids Go Skint – but is left baffled by the stop button

  • Adil, 19, is the son of self-made millionaire who created real-estate empire
  • He leaves Cheshire behind to live with the Bennett family in Preston  
  • Daniel, 26, and wife Cheryl, who have three daughters don’t own car so take bus 
  • Wealthy heir is baffled by public transport in tonight’s Rich Kids Go Skint  

A wealthy heir more used to travelling in luxury is left baffled by a bus’ stop button as he takes public transport for the first time in Rich Kids Go Skint.

Tonight’s episode of the 5Star show focuses on, Adil, 19, from Cheshire, who is the son of a real estate tycoon and has never had to worry about money in his life. 

But he soon has his eyes opened to the real world when he goes to stay with Daniel and Cheryl Bennett and their three children – Miley, seven, Elisa, five and Skyler, two in Preston.

The family have an income of £1,400 per month, but pay £950 in taxes and rent, leaving them with £450 – £75 of which goes on food.  

Adil, who is used to being driven around by his bodyguard and chauffeur in his Rolls-Royce Cullinan – a car who sells at a minimum of £264,000 – swaps his luxury room and designer wardrobe for a few nights on the couple’s sofa. 

However, ditching his impressive car for public transport pushes Aldi to the test as he admits: ‘Stop. I don’t think I can take the bus. We can just take the Rolls if you want.’ 

Adil, 19, from Cheshire (pictured), is the son of a self-made multi-millionaire and has never had to worry about money in his life 

The wealthy heir (pictured), who has a chauffeur and has never taken public transport in his life, is baffled when he takes the bus while staying with a less privileged family-of-five in Preston

Adil – the son of a self-made multi millionaire – is faced with the challenge on his last day, when Daniel – a father-of-three – announces they will be taking public transport into town. 

‘I thought it was funny that he’s never been on a bus before at 19,’ says Daniel, who has spent the last five months unemployed after losing his job. ‘Quite bizarre, really.’

Adil adds: ‘Me personally, I would never get a bus,’ before exclaiming: ‘Oh god, it’s here.’

With encouragement from Daniel – and because the bus is the only way the family get around without a car – the heir hops on.

‘What does this button do?’ a bewildered Adil asks, as Daniel struggles to believe he doesn’t know how the bus’ stop button works. 

Excitedly pressing the button to indicate the pair will be getting off at the next stop, Adil uses the tip of his finger, as if scared to touch anything else.

Adil spends a few nights with Cheryl and Daniel Bennett and their daughters Skylar, two, Miley, seven and Elisa, five. Pictured, Adil, far right

Daniel tells Adil they’re going to have to take the bus to get into town, but the privileged teen isn’t too keen (pictured together) 

Once out on the street again, the heir shares his first impressions of public transport. 

‘We still have to walk a lot from the bus stop to the shop,’ he observes. ‘I’ll be honest here, I don’t think I’ll ever use the bus again.’

The family-of-five’s modest lifestyle is a far cry away from Adil’s privileged upbringing – who was offered a director job at his father’s company aged 18.

‘I do admit I spend a lot and I should stop, but it’s not happening,’ Adil explains. 

His family own a fleet of executive cars, including his Rolls Royce, which comes with a chauffeur named Samir.  

The family’s impressive six-bedroom home boasts eight bathrooms and a gold-plated dining-room – not to mention walls decorated with Swarovski crystals. 

Adil’s parents, who spend about £200 a week on food, and £500 to £600 on drinks, also employ a full-time housekeeper, a gardener, and an occasional chef.

And the wealthy teen admits he particularly likes to splash his cash on bags – including a £2.500 Louis Vuitton weekend bag made from plastic.   

Samir (pictured holding an umbrella) is Adil’s personal chauffeur and bodyguard and drives him around at his request

Daniel takes a closer look at Adil’s Rolls-Royce Cullinan and jokes he could ‘live’ in there. The car costs the price of two apartments in his street

At home, Adil’s every need is cared for, and a house keeper looks after the house, but while staying with Daniel and Cheryl, the heir has to do the washing up 

Adil is challenged to buy the family-of-five’s dinner for the evening under ten pounds. He goes six pounds over budget 

For a few days, Daniel and Cheryl’s world collide with Adil’s easy outtake on life, and the privileged teen is quickly given a reality check. 

‘It’s quite shocking to see people struggling,’ he admits.  

During his stay, Adil shops and cooks for the family, but fails to rustle up a dinner for a tenner – falling £6 over budget instead. 

But seeing Daniel and Cheryl make their monthly intake work makes Adil reflect on his own privileges.

‘I’ve never made a sacrifice before, it’s clearly woken me up, now,’ he says. ‘It’s really touched me. I feel a very big difference now.’

Following his eye-opening experience, Adil buys the family tickets to Dancing On Ice – a present he knows will make them happy.

And Cheryl and Daniel draw their own conclusions from living with the wealthy heir. 

‘I think what this experience taught us is that how much money you have in the bank doesn’t define who you are,’ says Daniel. 

‘It doesn’t make you a bad person because you’re rich. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a good person because you’re not rich.’ 

Rich Kids Go Skint airs tonight at 9pm on 5Star

Touched by Daniel and Cheryl’s effort to buying dancing lessons for their daughters, Adil buys the family tickets to go see a dance show 

Adil says the experience made him realise how lucky he was. He leaves the Bennett’s family home a changed man 

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